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Elizabeth Bayley Seton Chronology

1774 - Born in New York to a prominent Episcopalian family; grew up during the American Revolution; was greatly influenced by her prominent father, Dr. Richard Bayley.
1794 - Married William Magee Seton, member of a wealthy mercantile family.
1795-1802 - Became the mother of five children, Anna Maria, William, Richard, Catherine, and Rebecca.
1797 - Was a founding member and active participant of the Society for the Relief of Widows with Small Children, the first benevolent organization founded and managed by women in the United States.
1798-1803 - Took care of seven of her husband’s young siblings upon the death of he father-in-law; family business declined into bankruptcy while her husband suffered from failing health.
1803 - Traveled with her husband and oldest daughter to Italy, where her husband died; during a five month stay there she was introduced to Catholicism through her hosts, the Filicchi family.
1805 - Made her profession of faith as a Catholic; suffered rejection and poverty due to her widowhood and her conversion to Catholicism.
1808 - Moved with her family to Baltimore where she started a school; began to gather a group of women who became the core of her religious congregation.
1809 - Moved to Emmitsburg, Maryland where she and her companions started the American Sisters of Charity; Elizabeth was chosen as Mother.
1812-1813 - Approval of a Rule by Archbishop John Carroll led to the opening of a novitiate; first group of Sisters completed their preparation and made their vows as Sisters of Charity; St. Joseph’s Academy opened as well as a free school and orphan asylum.
1814 - Missioned three Sisters of Charity to operate an orphan asylum in Philadelphia; sent Sisters to New York in 1817 for similar work.
1821 - Died at St. Joseph’s in Emmitsburg at the age of 46.