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Flag of Honor
Gifted to Delhi Township

S. Rosaleen Simpleman stands beside the Flag of Honor she gifted
to the Delhi Township Administration Building.

A very special Flag of Honor is now on display at the Delhi Township Administration Building, thanks to the generosity of S. Rosaleen Simpleman. READ MORE

Vincentian Volunteers
Enjoy Charity Hospitality

A group of Vincentian volunteers enjoyed a hike through the woods behind the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse cemetery this week. The group was then treated to dinner at Associate Liz Maxwell’s home where they had the opportunity to further socialize and even dance.

Memorial Day– May 28, 2018

May we move our hearts this day to seek justice and peace, transforming our weapons of destruction into tools of justness and our words of war into peaceful dialogue.

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Vol. I, 2018

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Blandina Segale
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The Love of Christ Urges Us

The motto of the Sisters of Charity, “The love of Christ urges us,” was embodied in their selfless ministry during the Civil War. The Sisters ministries were never confined solely to one work. Their goal was to go where needed. One such need was Cumberland, Maryland. READ MORE