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Charity Family News
November 27, 2016

Looking Toward the Future with Cuba

S. Donna Steffen (right) with Fidel Castro at a State Banquet given in honor of the NGO conference in 1984. Sisters Donna and Louise Akers were present along with over 300 Central American and Caribbean women and 17 others from the U.S.

Upon the death of Fidel Castro this week at age 90 we are reminded of a feature article in the spring issue of Intercom 2015. It was then that President Barack Obama began opening relations with Cuba. To read excerpts from the Intercom feature, click here.

Throwback Thursday

A throwback to 1984 as Sisters (from left) Agnes Zita Wewe, Jerome Heiselmann and Jane Vogt prepare for the Mother Margaret Hall Christmas boutique. The annual event, sponsored by Mother Margaret Hall, was open to those living and working at the Motherhouse and to friends and family of the Sisters.

Exploring the
Environment Through Art

EarthConnection – a ministry of the Sisters of Charity devoted to learning and reflection about living lightly on Earth - recently offered “Eco-Art for Adults”. The program centered around artwork created by those concerned with the state of our environment. Eco-Art is designed to re-envision our relationship with nature and creatively proposes new ways for sustainability, healing and coexistence.

The Heartbeat of the SC Motherhouse:
The Drum Circle

Once a month, under the direction of S. Shirley Le Blanc, Sisters, Associates and friends of the SC Community gather together for companionship and community. For more than one year the Sisters of Charity Drum Circle has been making music using a variety of drum and percussion instruments. READ MORE

Comfort and Challenge:
Praying Advent Week One

Throughout the season of Advent, the Sisters of Charity invite you to join us as we offer video reflections, in the midst of your busy day, asking God’s comfort and challenge.

Mission Monday

S. Mary Barbara Philippart reflects on her many years of ministry in Peru, and the projects she initiated that still exist today. READ MORE

November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Why live our lives in Gratitude? Gratitude provides both energy and spaciousness in our lives. We can sense it welling up within us and feel the wonder of its flow. Gratitude creates inner spaciousness that encourages us to rest in the order of life – as it is. With Gratitude we attune to our own rhythm, helping us to find our place in relationships and in the situations of our lives. It is in the generosity of our experience that we, in turn, are supported to be generous, serving as co-creators with all of life.

Sisters of Charity to Install
Solar Panels on Property

This fall the Sisters of Charity Leadership Team announced steps taken toward solar energy on the Mount St. Joseph compound. The intent is to have 10 interfacing solar panels provide all the electricity needed for the six Sisters of Charity residences located on the corner of Bender Road and Delhi Pike. READ MORE

MSJU Presents
Elizabeth Seton Medal

Sung-Hae Kim, SC-Seton Hill, received the 21st annual St. Elizabeth Seton Medal from Mount St. Joseph University on Monday, Nov. 14. The honor is presented to an individual for their contributions to an area of theology.  Dr. Kim presented her lecture “Elizabeth Seton’s Ecological Spirituality and Her Vision of Ecological Community” at the ceremony; she serves as the general superior of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill and a professor emerita at Sogang University.   

A Bond Between All

"Being at the Motherhouse seemed to be a coming home ..." Carol Dreyer Yeazell (pictured, left) is one of the more than 20 women who met as postulants 50 years ago and reunited in August 2016 for the golden jubilee celebration of Sisters Barbara Hagedorn (pictured, right), Mary Alice Haithcoat, Georgia Kitt and Patricia Wittberg. CLICK HERE

Moving On

Sisters Barb Davis (left) and Karen Elliott, Associate, reflect on their recent move from their friends and co-ministers in the Diocese of Toledo, Ohio, to their new home in Xenia. READ MORE 

November 13, 2016

Nuns Build 2016:
Women Religious Making a Difference!

Sisters from across the country, along with friends and family, are gathered in New Orleans, Louisiana, this week for the 11th annual Nuns Build. Sisters and Associates part of the SC Federation are staying at the House of Charity and taking part in the effort to rebuild homes for families still struggling 11 years after Hurricane Katrina. Among the volunteers is Sister of Charity of Cincinnati Pat Wittberg.

USCCB Approve
Canonical Step for Sainthood Cause

On Tuesday, Nov. 15, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops voted unanimously to support the advancing of the cause of beatification and canonization of Sister of Charity of Cincinnati Blandina Segale! Episcopal consultation is a step in the Catholic Church’s process toward declaring one a saint. To view the press release from the Archdiocese of Santa Fe CLICK HERE

Fall Luncheon a Success

Sisters, Associates and candidates joined together on Sunday, Nov. 13 for a fall soup luncheon. The annual event is hosted by the Cincinnati Associates and offers time for shared conversation and fellowship.

November 6, 2016

National Vocation Awareness Week

November 6-12 was National Vocation Awareness Week – an annual weeklong celebration to promote vocations to religious life and to offer prayers and support for those considering a religious vocation. All this week the Sisters of Charity have been posting videos from our newest members. Here’s S. Andrea Koverman expressing what she loves about religious life and what she would like people to know about religious life today. VIEW MORE

Veterans Day – November 11

Across our globe we, as Americans, have long stood as a beacon of hope and opportunity and it has often been our veterans who embody that spirit. Veterans and their families have proudly served and carried our legacy forward. May we, in turn, support and respect them for their service, expressing our gratitude in words and actions. May we give our energies to build a future that is less violent, stronger, safer and freer.

Veterans of our wars, and other lesser conflicts, have encountered violence in their service. We pray that they receive needed health and supportive services to lead a fulfilling life. May they know courage, respect and gratitude for their generous gift of service. We ask that God will protect all military men and women who are currently serving our country in conflicts throughout the world. May God’s gift of peace become a prevalent reality. Amen

November 1, 2016

Artistic Expressions:
S. Mary Frances Boyle (1934-)

In her retirement Sister of Charity of Cincinnati Mary Frances Boyle [lives] in the presence of God and express[es] through poetry and music the beauty and gratefulness she experiences. READ MORE

A Chapter Closes

On Thursday, Nov. 3, SC president, S. Joan Elizabeth Cook, assisted with the official steam shut-off of the pipes between Mount St. Joseph and Bayley, an SC sponsored ministry. For the last 26  years Bayley – following a planned timeline – has gradually assumed self-reliance from the Sisters of Charity. This decentralization of HVAC helps Bayley save money by using new energy-efficient HVAC equipment, and eliminating  the steam pipe loss that occurred by piping steam under Bender Road.  On the Motherhouse side, the Sisters of Charity are now able to lower steam pressure and operate only two boilers, also saving money.

Collaborating for the Future

Representatives from Sisters of Charity congregations and from their sponsored colleges and universities met Oct. 27-30 at the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth (Kansas) motherhouse to plan a joint Charity Formation Program for faculty and staffs. Those in attendance included Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth/University of St. Mary, Sisters of Charity of New York/Mount St. Vincent College, Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill/Seton Hill University, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth/Spalding University, St. Elizabeth College (New Jersey), S. Judith Metz from the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, John Trokan, chair of Religious Studies from Mount St. Joseph University, Rob Judge from the National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, and Scott Kelly from DePaul University. After sharing what each institution was currently doing, the group developed a preliminary outline for a four-session program to which representatives of each college/university will be invited. It is the hope that this will become an ongoing experience that can be offered as a way to continue the mission and charism of charity as these schools move into the future with fewer Sisters of Charity present on their campuses.  

All Souls Day–November 2

Generous God, our birth is the fruit of your love; our redemption, the fruit of your mercy. May we remember your goodness as we cherish the lifetime you have given us. Let us make each moment a preparation for our last. Amen.

All Saints Day–November 1

Artwork by Bro. Mickey O'Neill McGrath, OSFS

Faithful God, the saints heard your creative voice in the depths of their hearts. May we learn to silence the distractions in our lives and complete the work that you have begun in us. We count on your grace to embrace our call with generosity and perseverance. Let the hope that your saints give us nourish our longing to love and serve you more.

Halloween Carnival
at Mother Margaret Hall

On Saturday, Oct. 29 Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati employees were invited to bring their little ghosts, goblins and fairies to Mother Margaret Hall for a Halloween carnival. Games, crafts and refreshments were included in this afternoon of fun for both Sisters, employees and their families.

Mercy Monday

Through her years of service in education, and now in her volunteer ministry to the elderly parishioners at St. Martha as well as local nursing facilities in Okemos, Michigan, S. Pat Newhouse is a shining example of God’s merciful love.

October 23, 2016

Throwback Thursday

In the fall of 1973 Blasa Rivera, Jean Rancoilta and Flo Carris made their commitments in Colorado as the first Auxiliary members of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Now known as Associates, the Sister/Associate relationship was established so that lay individuals could partner with the Sisters in responding to the Gospel in the spirit of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Sisters of Charity
Host All Boards Retreat

More than 100 members of the boards of Sisters of Charity sponsored ministries and the SC Ministry Foundation gathered at the Motherhouse on Wednesday, Oct. 26, along with SC leadership and sponsored ministry CEOs and presidents, for the biannual dinner and retreat. This year’s theme was “Carrying Forward the Mission: Co-Creators of a New World Order.” The guest speaker was Allen Sanchez, president and CEO of CHI St. Joseph’s Children in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and petitioner of the cause of sainthood for S. Blandina Segale. He spoke about Mission, the values for Mission, and how all Sponsored Ministry Mission Statements need to include and embody the SC Mission. 

Region 6 Meets at Motherhouse

Members of LCWR’s Region 6 gathered Oct. 23-24 at the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse for their fall meeting. S. Sharon Euart, RSM, presented during the gathering on “Ministerial Public Juridic Person: What is it? What are its implications?”

United Nations Day

Oct. 24, is celebrated as United Nations Day, a day devoted to making known to peoples of the world the aims and achievements of the United Nations Organization. This year's UN Day is being used to highlight concrete actions people can take to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. More information can be found at www.un.org/en/events/unday/posters.shtml

Mother Margaret Hall
Art Show on Display

The fifth annual Mother Margaret Hall Art Show, sharing the work of both Sisters and employees, was exhibited on Wednesday, Oct. 19  in the Mother Margaret Hall Community Room. Artwork included water color, photography, oil paintings and various other mediums. 

October 16, 2016

SCMF Presents Year in Review

Sisters gathered in the Cedars Auditorium on Oct. 18 to hear a review of SC Ministry Foundation’s activities over the past year. S. Sally Duffy, and staff members used a Powerpoint to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and the highlights of the Foundation’s grant-making, capacity building and collaborative initiatives.

Archdiocese Celebrates Jubilarians

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati recognized sisters, brothers and priests who celebrated jubilees in 2016 with a Mass on Saturday, Oct. 15 at Mount Notre Dame. A number of Sisters of Charity were in attendance for the celebration, including readers Sisters Barbara Hagedorn (50 years) and Esther Marie Humbert (60 years).

Michigan Small Group Gathers

The Michigan small group of Sisters Mary Glockner, Maureen Donovan, Karen Hawver, Marie Pauline Skalski, Patricia Wlock, Noreen Ellison, Julie Gatza, Anita Parks, Pat Newhouse and Associate Jamie Kelly gathered for discussion on “In Service of Life” last weekend in Bay City. The sharing is a follow-up to the SC Chapter Directions.

Supporting Others

S. Sarah Mulligan and the Daniel Comboni Community Clinic in Mixco, Guatemala, are helping the Oblate Sisters of the Holy Redeemer as they minister to women as prostitutes in Guatemala’s red-light district. READ MORE

October 9, 2016

S. Mary Alice Haithcoat honored

St. Mary’s Church in Piqua, Ohio, celebrated the golden jubilee of S. Mary Alice Haithcoat (front row, center) on Sunday, Oct. 9 with Mass and a dinner and reception. S. Mary Alice has served at Piqua Catholic School for 23 years as both a teacher and principal; the school is sponsored by both Piqua parishes: St. Mary and St. Boniface. To learn more about S. Mary Alice’s 50 years as a Sister of Charity CLICK HERE.

Convergence at the Border

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati joined others this weekend for the Convergence at the Border with Giving Voice. One of the evenings was spent outside of Eloy Detention Center in Arizona where 1,800 immigrants are currently held. They sang, chanted and prayed for justice, ending the evening saying with one voice: "You are not alone! We love you!" In Nogales, Mexico, the group went to a rally at the border, and held an afternoon “Encuentro de Hermanas” where they gathered in a soup kitchen for migrants and shared and discerned how as women religious they can continue to help in the struggle for comprehensive immigration reform. It was a beautiful weekend spent standing in solidarity, community and prayer for compassionate and comprehensive immigration reform.

Sisters Call for Prayer and Fasting

Join us the second Tuesday of each month in prayer/fasting for our country in preparation for the coming presidential election. READ MORE

Mercy Monday

S. Dorothy William Englert volunteers at Corryville Catholic Elementary School and Holy Family Catholic School, both in Cincinnati, tutoring students who come from inner-city, often low-income backgrounds, many of them second generational immigrants.

October 2, 2016

Standing in Solidarity

The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati support the U.S./Mexico Border Convergence witness occurring Oct. 7-10 in Arizona and Mexico encouraging compassionate national conversations and effective political action on the topic of immigration and much needed reform that protects human dignity and family unification.

Someone Beautiful for God

S. Ramona Chisholm with the framed letter
she received from Mother Teresa in 1991.

The excitement of Mother Teresa’s canonization on Sept. 4 prompted a few Sisters of Charity to take a look back at their experiences with the Church’s newest saint. READ MORE

Seton Hill SCs Visit Motherhouse

The Final Vow Sisters of the Korean Province of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill made their annual visit to the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse this week. The Seton Hill Sisters were formed from the Cincinnati Congregation in 1870 at the request of the Bishop of Pittsburgh, to serve his diocese. The Sisters enjoyed learning more about the SC Community and history on Thursday, Sept. 28 with S. Judith Metz. With the visit past friendships were renewed and new ones made.

Welcome Fall

Photo by S. Jeannette Cochran, SC

Dance with delight, O flame of autumn fire,
As the earth, spinning and leaning away from the sun,
Begins to cool from the summer heat,...
And speak to me of the promise
Hidden in this season of autumn.
For spring is seeded in this season of completion,
Just as the giant oak exists within the acorn.

Autumn fire, orange and yellow sacrament of the sun,
Light up the darkness with your danc ing.
Great is God, whose heart is the shrine,
Greater still is your unceasing love for me.
May my love enflame my every work of thanksgiving
To reflect the golden beauty of autumn.

- Autumn Equinox Fire Prayer, Edward Hayes


September 25, 2016

Throwback Thursday

In September 1969 S. Ruth Jonas arrived in Upper Volta (formerly French West Africa) to begin a two-year study of the Mosi people. Her project, backed by the U.S. Office of Education, was referred to as “the twinned classroom approach.” In the ensuing 15 years, eight more Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati would do missionary work in one or more African countries.

DPCR Celebrates Founders Day

Board members and invited guests celebrated Founders Day with students, faculty and staff at DePaul Cristo Rey High School on Friday, Sept. 23. The school – the newest sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Charity – is named after St. Vincent de Paul whose Feast Day was Sept. 27.

New Dining Room Named, Dedicated

The Sisters of Charity dedicated the new, small dining room in the Motherhouse with a lunch honoring the former Vincentian Sisters of Charity on Tuesday, Sept. 27. The dining room is furnished with pieces from Villa San Bernardo, the former home of the Vincentian Sisters of Charity in Bedford, Ohio, who merged with the Sisters of Charity in 2004. The room has been named the Bedford Room, and will serve as a loving remembrance of a piece of the former VSCs’ lives.

Feast of St. Vincent DePaul
Sept. 27, 2016

Artwork by Bro. Mickey O'Neill McGrath, OSFS

“Called to bear the love of God … this divine fire … everywhere.”
We need, more than ever, the living example of St. Vincent de Paul who responded with compassion to the hungry and homeless, neglected children, elderly women and men, sick person without health care, refugees from warfare, those without hope. In these persons, Vincent saw individuals loved by God, created in God’s image and worthy of dignity and value. Vincent turned his frustration into a faith-filled desire to improve their lives.

We pray: Creating God, give us the same courage and strength to change violence into love. Grant us a tender heart filled with compassion for the distress and suffering of others, especially the most vulnerable in our world. Be with us in our service so that we become impassioned by God’s Gospel of love and mercy. Amen. Adapted from a prayer of the Sisters of Charity, St. John New Brunswick, Canada

Open House a Success

More than 200 guests visited the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse on Sunday, Sept. 25 as part of Delhi Pike’s Peek Open House. Guided tours and engaging conversations resulted during the three-hour event to celebrate the history and the milestones that make Delhi unique.

Fall Congregational Days Conclude

Fall Congregational meetings concluded on Sept. 24 with an interactive exchange between Sisters and Associates in Cincinnati, Gainesville, Florida, and Pueblo, Colorado. The meetings – which were held throughout the month - allow Sisters and Associates to come together to share and listen as reports and updates are offered by Leadership and membership.

September 18, 2016

Chillin’ and Grillin’

Student leaders from Mount St. Joseph University joined Sisters for a picnic and conversation on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at Regina Hall. The annual Chillin’ and Grillin’ event is an opportunity for MSJU students and campus ministry to meet and learn more about the Sisters of Charity and their ministries.

Justice for Immigrants

Sisters of Charity joined together with people of faith, community members, friends and neighbors to call for comprehensive and compassionate immigration reform on Sept. 18. S. Juana Mendez had a prominent role in the Journeying Together Immigration Rally /Juntos Caminando Marcha in Newport, Kentucky.

September 11, 2016

Celebrating Elizabeth Seton

The Sisters of Charity joined Seton High School faculty, staff and students on Wednesday, Sept. 14 to celebrate the 41st anniversary of the canonization of Elizabeth Ann Seton. Seton High School is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Charity. 

Nuns on the Bus Cincinnati Gathers

A number of Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and Associates gathered at the Hamilton County Board of Elections on Sept. 13 to witness to the importance of protecting the right to vote. In response to a call from Nuns on the Bus Cincinnati the group gathered to ask the Board to suspend the purge of voter registration rolls in Ohio. The state is eliminating Ohioans who haven't voted in six years.

Fall Congregational Days Continue

Fall Congregational meetings continue to take place throughout the month of September. New this year is an interactive exchange across geographic locations. While being physically present in one of five locations (Bay City, Michigan, Bedford, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio, Pueblo, Colorado, and Gainesville, Florida) Sisters and Associates will be “virtually” present to those attending at the other sites scheduled for that day. The new technological opportunity is meant to help nurture relationships, facilitate conversation across geographic regions and deepen commitment to the Chapter direction. Congregational Days allow Sisters and Associates to come together to share and listen as reports and updates are offered by Leadership and membership.

Intercommunity Novitiate Opens

The Intercommunity Novitiate Program began gathering at the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse on Monday, Sept. 12. This year religious congregations participating in the program are: Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati; Sisters of Notre Dame of Covington, Kentucky; Sisters of the Precious Blood, Dayton, Ohio; the Society of Mary (Marianists), Dayton, Ohio; and the Congregation of Divine Providence, Covington, Kentucky (not pictured). The weekly meetings will take place at the Motherhouse through December.

Remembering September 11

This Sunday, ‘Nine – Eleven’, we remember the victims of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001. After 15 years we can still recall the shock and grief we felt, the bravery of the emergency services personnel who risked their own lives, the helplessness of those 2,977 victims, and the amazing, supportive international response. On this Sunday, Sept. 11, we join our fellow Americans in marking a ‘Moment of Silence’ in remembrance at 8:46 a.m. We pray: Creating God, help us to learn that evil does not triumph when such atrocities occur, when persons rights are violated, and when hate is given power. Instill in each of us a circle of compassion and we will find peace. Amen.

September 4, 2016

House of Charity Hosts
Come and Serve Weekend

Sisters from the SC Federation hosted volunteers Sept. 2-5 at the House of Charity in New Orleans, Louisiana, for a Come and Serve weekend. Participants had the opportunity to work side-by-side with Sisters to help those in Baton Rouge following the devastating floods. They also found time for prayer, reflection and fellowship.

Celebrating Mary’s Birth -
September 8

Artwork by Bro. Mickey McGrath, OSFS

Mary has numerous feast days in September. Today, Sept. 8, is especially meaningful to many Sisters of Charity since they entered the Community on this date. Happy Anniversary, Sisters! Happy Birthday, Mary! Found only in apocryphal text, Mary’s birthday is recorded as ‘the miraculous matrix from which Salvation flows – ever old, ever new … each year.’ We pray: Blessed are you, holy Mary, deserving of all praise; from you rose the sun of justice, Christ our God. We celebrate you with gratitude. Amen. Adapted from work of Fr. Richard Fragomeni

Community Celebrates
Diamond Jubilarians

Congratulations to Sisters Jeannette Cochran, Barbara Counts, Dorothy William Englert, Rita Hawk, Patricia Hill, Nancy Hoffman, Esther Marie Humbert, Margaret Mach, Patricia McQuinn, Patrick O’Connor, Sarah Mulligan and Mary Dolores Schneider on the occasion of their Diamond Jubilee. The Sisters of Charity community, friends and family joined together to Sunday, Sept. 4 to celebrate the women and their commitment to the SC Community 60 years ago.

Celebrating the
Canonization of Mother Teresa

On Sept. 4, 2016, Pope Francis canonized Mother Teresa as a saint of the Catholic Church. She is most remembered for her selfless charity, ministering amongst the poorest of the poor, and inspiring kindness and compassion. In this Year of Mercy, we remember Mother Teresa as an example of God’s mercy in today’s world.

9 Treasures of the McCann Room

Used today as a permanent display room for the Sisters of Charity Archives department, the Motherhouse’s McCann Room has become a place to exhibit some of the wonderful treasures former archivist S. Mary Agnes McCann had worked to save over the years. READ MORE

August 25, 2016

Celebrating Our Jubilarians

Congratulations to Sisters Barbara Hagedorn, Mary Alice Haithcoat, Georgia Kitt and Patricia Wittberg on the occasion of their Golden Jubilee. The Sisters of Charity community, friends and family joined together to Sunday, Aug. 28 to celebrate the four women and their commitment to the SC Community 50 years ago.

S. Kathryn Ann Connelly Honored

Congratulations to Sister of Charity Kathryn Ann Connelly (left), who was one of four individuals honored as a Pro Seniors’ “Senior Who Rocks”.  Honorees are named for their continued active and vibrant additions to the community. S. Kathryn Ann was the first female superintendent of the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati; today she is actively involved in Education Matters and Community Matters in Lower Price Hill.

We Wish You a Happy Birthday

Aug. 28 was Elizabeth Ann Seton’s birthday; she was born in 1774 in New York, New York. In those pioneer days of the Church in America she felt the early stirrings of its promise and believed it had a future. Elizabeth, woman of Faith, aid us in these times of uncertainty. Elizabeth, woman of Love, remove from us any division or indifference. Elizabeth, woman of Hope, share with us your unconquerable optimism in the work we are called to do. May your life speak to us of the courage needed for the days ahead. Amen.

August 21, 2016

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
Welcome Novice Romina Sapinoso

Members of the Sisters of Charity Community welcomed Romina Sapinoso into the Canonical Novitiate during a ceremony Aug. 20 in the Immaculate Conception Chapel at the Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse. The purpose of the one-year Canonical Novitiate is to enable Romina to learn more about religious life, to deepen her connection to the Congregation’s roots and history, and to develop an integrated apostolic spirituality. READ MORE

Celebrating Our Jubilarians

Meet S. Rita Hawk. S. Rita is one of 12 Sisters of Charity celebrating their Diamond Jubilee with the SC Community on Sunday, Sept. 4. To read more about Sister’s 60 years in religious life CLICK HERE

Summer Beauty Abounds

Wendell Barry cautions us : “Summer ends, and it is time to face another way.” Before this happens enjoy some of the beauty that summer provides around the Motherhouse campus.

Learning, Connecting Continues

DePaul Cristo Rey High School Seton High School

It is that time of year when we have memories of returning, reconnecting and remembering. It’s the back to school ‘daze.’ Getting back in the routine we soon find the ‘daze’ will connect us with the real joy of learning. We wish students, teachers, parents and staff a very happy new school year!

Production Crew Visits Motherhouse

The Sisters of Charity welcomed Tomas Sanchez and crew to the Motherhouse on Monday, Aug. 22. Mr. Sanchez is director and co-producer of the television series “At the End of the Santa Fe Trail” to be based on S. Blandina Segale’s life. The group is at the Motherhouse this week to learn more about the life of S. Blandina. Principal filming is set to begin in October in New Mexico.

August 14, 2016

Cincinnati Nun's
Struggle for Sainthood

The Cincinnati Enquirer recently featured S. Blandina Segale, her cause for sainthood and the production of a television series based on Sister’s life. READ IT HERE

Mother Margaret Hall
Celebrates Life Commitments

On Monday, Aug. 15 Mother Margaret Hall celebrated the Sisters’ vow day and their life commitments with a Jubilee Luncheon. In past years, most Sisters of Charity made their vows on Aug. 15 each  year. The special date is now commemorated with Mass and a meal for all.

Cincinnati Associates Host Picnic

Cincinnati Associates and candidates hosted the annual summer picnic on Sunday, Aug. 14 in Regina Hall. The gathering began with prayer followed by lunch and fellowship.

SCs Attend LCWR Assembly 2016

Sisters of Charity Marge Kloos, Louise Lears, Joan Cook, Mary Bookser and Mary Caroline Marchal were among the 800 persons gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, Aug. 9-16 for the Leadership Conference of Women Religious annual assembly. This year’s theme was Embracing the Mystery: Living Transformation. “Designed to help members view the changes occurring in religious life – with all of their pain and challenge – as significant opportunities for growth, the assembly offered ideas and insights on how to embrace the invitation to transformation.”

Needs Are Great

We ask your special prayers for those in Louisiana victimized by the deadly, historic flooding in the Baton Rouge area - and the rains continue! Persons living in the neighborhood of the SC Federation's House of Charity in New Orleans filled a truck with supplies over the weekend to assist those misplaced from the flood waters. Currently the Coast Guard, Red Cross, Salvation Army and Catholic Charities are on the scene. FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO DONATE

Mary’s Victory, Our Victory

"Queen of Heaven, Mother of Earth"
by Brother Mickey McGrath

Monday, Aug. 14 we celebrated the Feast of Mary’s Assumption. It is about her victory, a victory she shares with us. Let us go to her!  She can assist us in situations where we may have become estranged or separated; this could be by misunderstanding, our own indifference or even neglect. As we understand the meaning of this feast Mary can save us from separation and alienation; she can give us the confidence we need to reach out.

Mary, we celebrate you. Deepen in us the awareness that nothing can come between us and God – not distance, not alienation, not death. We share in your victory. We live into your promise and possibility, leaving indifference behind.  Increase our confidence. Journey with us. Amen.

August 7, 2016

1966 Lehman Catholic Grad
and Sister of Charity Honored

Mirsberger family members and Sister of Charity friends as well as friends of Lehman Catholic High School, Sidney, Ohio, came together on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016, to honor the 2016 inductees to the Sidney Lehman Alumni Hall of Fame. The ceremony honored five individuals, including Sister of Charity of Cincinnati Patricia ‘Trish’ Mirsberger, who was a 1966 graduate of Holy Angels (now Lehman Catholic High); Sister Trish died in 2007. This year marks Sister Trish’s 50th anniversary of high school graduation and 50 years since entering the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Sister Trish was nominated for the Hall of Fame by her sister, Ginny Mertz, and her high school classmates Elizabeth Kohlhorst Edwards and Jeanne Gaier Schlagetter.  The Hall of Fame Committee has sought to honor not only alumni but outstanding faculty and supporters of Lehman Catholic; the evening began with Mass in the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Chapel on campus. Sister Trish served as Congregational Secretary for the Sisters of Charity in addition to ministering at Marian High School, Cincinnati, and serving as executive secretary to the vice president/treasurer of Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati. She was serving on the Board of Limited Jurisdiction for Lehman Catholic High School at the time of her death.

Summer Writing Opportunity

The 11th Annual Summer Employment Program Celebration Luncheon was held Tuesday, Aug. 9, in the Fifth Third Dining Hall, Mount St. Joseph University. Of the 78 students who worked in 33 nonprofit agencies and organizations, Junior Carolyn Kesterman was employed in the Sister of Charity Communication Office on the Motherhouse Campus. Carolyn is pictured above with Sister Georgia Kitt, director and Michelle Bley, graphic designer. This program is made possible through the generous support of the SC Ministry Foundation.

Sisters’ Service
Honored and Remembered

Sister of Charity community historian Sister Judith Metz and Sister Victoria Marie Forde attended the dedication ceremony, unveiling the New Madison Female Institute interpretive marker in Madison County, Kentucky on Sunday, Aug. 7. The marker was placed at the site of where the original Madison Female Institute building stood. The is the place where our Sister of Charity Civil War nurses treated the injured soldiers, during an 8 month period, prior to forming an ambulance train to transport the wounded to Cincinnati for further treatment. The ceremony was coordinated by Phillip Seyfrit, Mason County historical properties director.

Mercy Monday

Twenty-seven years ago, S. Carol Ann Brockmeyer started Vine Street Neighborhood Service Center, a center devoted to bettering the quality of life for area residents by assisting them in meeting the basic needs of daily living. Today, S. Carol Ann continues that compassion and generous spirit; daily she picks up donations at the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse and from various organizations and individuals and delivers them to the center where they are given away to the poor.

August 1, 2016

Pray for the
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Monday, Aug. 1, 2016, has been chosen by the Sisters of Charity as a day of prayer for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Let us ask St. Augustine, a bishop of North Africa, to give peace to the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. “Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee.”

In September 2010, the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and Associates committed themselves to be informed about the human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, calling on the government to do everything in its power to end the violent conflicts there. LEARN MORE

National Coloring Book Day

August 2 is National Coloring Book Day, a day to celebrate the relaxing and creative pastime of coloring that has grown in popularity with adults over the past few years. Get out your crayons, markers, and colored pencils, because no one is too old to celebrate! In honor of the day, enjoy a coloring page of the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse or chapel from us!

July 24, 2016

Sharing the Freshness of the Earth

On a recent visit to the EarthConnection Garden, we were able to capture volunteers harvesting a variety of vegetables to share with the visitors to the Good Samaritan Free Health Center in Price Hill. The vegetables harvested include squash, cabbage, eggplant, peppers, and green beans, all of which have appropriate recipes provided by the Center’s nutritionist, S. Annie Klapheke. Every week, head gardener S. Winnie Brubach and her volunteers prepare baskets of harvested produce to deliver to the Center, which welcomes all donations with open arms.

Sisters Enjoy Mexican Fiesta

Friday night fun in Mother Margaret Hall! Sisters enjoy a Mexican fiesta and dinner Friday, July 22 on the second floor of MMH.

July 17, 2016

Reunion Weekend
for Babylift Adoptees

A small group of adoptees of the Vietnam Operation Babylift gathered at the Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse in July. Sister of Charity of Cincinnati Kateri Maureen Koverman brought the group together; Sister coordinated the evacuation of the Vietnamese children through Catholic Relief Services in 1975.

Cleveland Comes Together
in Love and Peace

Sisters Margaret Mach, Mary Ann Flannery, Louise Lears, Andrea Koverman and Annie Klapheke joined hands with more than 2,000 others during Cleveland’s Circle the City with Love event on Sunday, July 17. Shoulder-to-shoulder, hand-in-hand, participants lined both sides of the Hope Memorial Bridge in silent reflection rooted in love. That evening, Sisters Anita Maroun and Mary Ann Flannery attended the Nuns on the Bus political caucus. They joined in discussion on topics such as Tax Justice, Living Wages, Family-Friendly Workplaces, Access to Democracy, Access to Healthcare, Access to Citizenship, and Access to Housing. Each group submitted their most salient points on the subject and S. Simone Campbell, executive director of NETWORK and leader of Nuns on the Bus, recorded each point submitted and lobbied for to the Republican legislators at the Republication National Convention on Monday. 

On Saturday, July 9 more than 1,000 people marched through downtown Cleveland calling for immigration reform in the Walk for Justice. The walk was sponsored by faith groups, ecumenical and Catholic parishes as well as religious congregations of Greater Cleveland including our own SC Congregation and SC Ministry Foundation. Participants marched, sang, carried banners and offered specific prayers at each of the five stops. These included prayers for compassionate comprehensive immigration reform, family reunification, justice in the workplace, civil discourse and due process with a path to citizenship. S. Margaret Mach and many other women religious participated, seeing in this action a fitting expression of deep respect for every human person; especially true in light of all that has transpired in our country in the past weeks.

Governor Kasich Signs Bills
at St. Joseph Home

On July 14, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed two bills at St. Joseph Home in Sharonville to strengthen Ohio's developmental disabilities system. Media, residents of St. Joseph Home and guests watched as Gov. Kasich signed House Bill 483, which is aimed to allow more direct nursing from health care staff among other provisions, and House Bill 158, which replaces all phrasing of “mental retardation” in the Ohio Revised Code with “intellectual disability.” St. Joseph Home is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati.

S. Blandina’s Life
to Inspire Television Series

Exciting news regarding Servant of God S. Blandina Segale. The life of the Sister of Charity of Cincinnati will soon be the basis for a television series. To be called “At the End of the Santa Fe Trail”, the series will be a fictional account based on S. Blandina’s life and will largely rely on material from her 1932 book of the same name.

Called By Name

St. Mary Magdalene At The Tomb artwork
by Br Mickey McGrath, OSFS

On July 22 we honor the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene. We too have been called by name, in the deepest places of our hearts. To St. Mary Magdalene it was given to see Jesus newly alive in the garden where he had been buried, alive in a way she could not recognize until he called her by name. We too await Jesus to come – as healer, friend, companion, God with us. May we recognize him when he comes. Risen One, continue to call us by name; fill us with the knowledge of your love. May we proclaim you in word and deed, bringing forgiveness and harmony where there is injury, division and disunity. Amen.

July 10, 2016

Thank You, S. Judith Metz

Members and friends of the Sisters of Charity Community came together on June 30 to say thank you to S. Judith Metz. S. Judy retired in June after 40 years of service in the SC Archives. She will continue as the Community historian, giving her more time for research and writing. Thank you, S. Judy, we are blessed with your service.

Remembering St. Kateri Tekakwitha

Photo by Dieterkaupp, statue of Keteri Tekakwitha,
Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, Santa Fe, NM

July 14 is the Feast of St. Kateri Tekakwitha. A convert to Catholicism, the Mohawk-Algonquin saint was instructed in the faith by Jesuit missionaries. Being inflicted with near blindness, we might turn to her to see where the Holy Spirit is desiring to lead us as individuals and as a nation in these days of extreme unrest. In company with St. Kateri we ask: Draw us closer to you, O God, creator of every nation, tribe and tongue. We trust in you. Amen.

SCs Celebrate S. Marie Flowers Final Vows

(From left) S. Tracy Kemme, S. Andrea Koverman, S. Annie Klapheke, Whitney Schieltz, Affiliate, and S. Alice Ann O'Neill attended the final vows ceremony of S. Marie Flowers, Sister of Charity of Nazareth, Kentucky, on June 11. Sisters of both congregations are members of the SC Federation. Congratulations, S. Marie!

Mercy Monday

S. Ginny Scherer is a teacher, chair of the science department and senior class advisor
at Lehman Catholic High School in Sidney, Ohio.

"God fills us with his mercies which are new every morning."
- St. Elizabeth Seton

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
Celebrate Three Centenarians 


For the first time in the Community’s 164-year history the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati are celebrating the lives of three centenarians: Sisters Miriam Thomas Busch, Annina Morgan and Eileen Therese Breslin. LEARN MORE

July 3, 2016

Mercy Monday

Beloved by the Mount St. Joseph University community, S. Maria Corona Molloy was the school’s first official president. Sister’s sense of charity and mercy extended well beyond her students to those outside the college. READ MORE

June 26, 2016

Mission Walk a Success

Friends of the Community came together on Saturday, June 18 to support S. Sarah Mulligan and the Daniel Comboni Community Clinic. The annual Mission Walk at Winton Woods Park supports the health and education programs provided by the clinic in Mixco, Guatemala, where S. Sarah lives and ministers.

Seton Heritage Ministries
Gifts Federation Leaders

Seton Heritage Ministries gifted each of the congregations of the Sisters of Charity Federation with a replica of the key presented by President Barack Obama to Pope Francis during the pope’s visit to the White House on Sept. 23, 2015. The original key is from Mother Seton’s home in Emmitsburg, Maryland; the gift celebrated Elizabeth Seton’s - and the pope’s - dedication to opening doors for those who are poor, sick and underserved.

National Shrine Opens New Exhibit

The National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Emmitsburg, Maryland) opened a new exhibit in June. “Sisters Today – A World of Difference” showcases the work that Sisters are doing today across the country and the world. Included in the exhibit is a display of hats that represents the various roles Sisters take on. S. Pat Newhouse’s “Cat in the Hat” hat is featured through her ministry at schools and hospitals in towns around her Michigan home. LEARN MORE

Mayor Proclaims
SC Ministry Foundation Day

The Sisters of Charity celebrated the 20th anniversary of SC Ministry Foundation – the public grant-making organization promoting the mission and ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati - on June 23 with a special visit from Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley. The mayor presented a proclamation to the SCs calling June 23, 2016 SC Ministry Foundation Day. For two decades SC Ministry Foundation has supported nearly 1,000 nonprofits locally, nationally and internationally. More than $158 million in grants for nonprofits has supported services that promote social justice, address the root causes of poverty, and advocate for better lives for all people through improvements in education, income, and health, while minimizing inequity and racism.

Mount St. Joseph University
Displays Heritage Wall

Sisters of Charity were invited to Mount St. Joseph University last week to view a new display next to Mater Dei Chapel. The Heritage Wall honors the history of St. Elizabeth Seton, the Sisters of Charity and the history of the "College of Mount St. Joseph" to where it is today as a university. The Heritage Wall was a project that S. Nancy Bramlage secured funding to create with the help of many people including graphic designer Tricia Johnson.

Unlocking the Secrets of Regina Hall

Regina Hall is the oldest building on the Mount St. Joseph property, built in the 1880s.

Located on the Motherhouse property stands a gray limestone building with a cottage-like design. Known as Regina Hall, the building has a history as eclectic and intriguing as the people who have spent time there. READ MORE

June 19, 2016

Deepening Charity for the
Life of the World

One-hundred leaders of the Sisters of Charity Federation of North America are gathering June 15-19  in Emmitsburg, Maryland, for their annual meeting. They represent two provinces of the Daughters of Charity and 11 congregations of Sisters of Charity in the United States and Canada. S Teresa Kotturan, Sister of Charity of Nazareth, Kentucky, and Federation NGO representative at the UN, met with liaisons from each congregation to explore and present ways to better collaborate on justice issues.

June 12, 2016

Remembering Father's Day

Pray for Orlando

Welcome New Associate

The Sisters of Charity Community welcomed Linda Trenn (center) as an Associate in Mission on Sunday, June 12. Linda previously served as an Associate in Volunteer Ministry in Guatemala teaching English to children and adults.

Mercy Monday

Since 2011 Sisters, Associates and friends of the SC Community have knit or crocheted baby blankets for newborns at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. More than 550 blankets have been made with love and given to children whose families do not have the financial resources to purchase one, or to babies with particular health issues.


June 5, 2016

Employees Recognized
for Years of Service

Congratulations to the more than 30 SC employees who were honored for their years of service to the Sisters of Charity! The employees were recognized during a program on Thursday, June 9 at the Motherhouse. Thank you for your many years of dedicated and faithful service to the Sisters of Charity and their mission.

Reaching A Milestone

On June 4, S. Eileen Therese Breslin joined the unique group of Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati who have turned 100 years old. Let’s continue to get to know a few of the other fascinating SCs who have celebrated their centennial birthdays; today we feature S. Frances Loretto Lopez. READ MORE

Community Celebrates
Sister Eileen Therese

Community members and friends gathered on June 4 to celebrate the 100th birthday of S. Eileen Therese Breslin. S. Eileen Therese is the third Sister of Charity to reach the milestone in the last year. READ MORE

Community Welcomes New Associates

Sisters, Associates and friends of the Community joined together on Sunday, June 5 to welcome Nancy Bick Clark, Sue DiTullio, Janet Dwyer, Pamela Korte and Patricia Stetter as Associates in Mission. During the celebration, long-time Associate Carol Herbert also made her lifetime commitment to the Community. Congratulations to all of the above mentioned Associates and to those who accompanied them on their journeys!

MSJU Recognizes Sister Judith Metz

Congratulations to S. Judith Metz, who was honored by Mount St. Joseph University with the Loretta Richards Distinguished Alumni Award on June 4. The award, the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Mount graduate, recognizes achievements in an alumni’s career and or vocational work and their service to the university. READ MORE

Mercy Monday

S. Sarah Mulligan is the director of the Daniel Comboni Community Clinic in Mixco, Guatemala. The clinic provides health services and community programs to the large population of indigenous people living in poverty in Mixco. To learn more about supporting the clinic through its annual Mission Walk visit: www.mission-walk.org.

May 29, 2016

Reaching a Milestone

S. Mary Joseph Sullivan was the longest-living
Sister of Charity at 107 years old.

Earlier this year, S. Annina Morgan joined the unique group of Sisters of Charity turning 100 years old. As we anticipate S. Eileen Therese Breslin’s 100th birthday on June 4, let’s get to know a few of the other fascinating SCs who have celebrated their centennial birthdays; the first, S. Mary Joseph Sullivan. READ MORE

DePaul Cristo Rey
Class of 2016 Graduates

Congratulations to members of DePaul Cristo Rey High School’s Class of 2016 as they celebrate the school’s second commencement on May 31. DePaul Cristo Rey High School is the newest sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Charity.

Feast of the Visitation
of the Blessed Virgin Mary

May 31 commemorates the joy of Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth and celebrates the sisterhood of two women joined by faith in the God of the impossible. May we, too, reach out to others and accept help from others. Mary, be our guide.

Religious Honored
at Pueblo Cemetery

Sisters Barbara Jeanne Krekeler, Nancy Crafton and Joan Cain were in attendance for a Memorial Day Mass on Monday, May 30 to pray for the priests and religious Sisters of the Diocese of Pueblo, Colorado, buried in Roselawn Cemetery. The Knights of Columbus councils in Pueblo created a special flag and placed them at each grave; the graves were then blessed in each section after Mass. Sixteen Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati are buried at Roselawn Cemetery.

Our Sisters in the Civil War

As we approach this Memorial Day weekend, we recall the many experienced Sisters of Charity nurses at St. John’s Hospital in Cincinnati, who were called upon to serve through the duration of the war. Throughout, S. Anthony O’Connell was regarded as the leading spirit of the Community and became known to the larger whole as “The Angel of the Battlefield”. READ FROM HER JOURNAL

May 22, 2016

Feast Day of Corpus Christi
May 26, 2016

A Salute to Summertime

It’s Memorial Day weekend – the unofficial start of summer! The Sisters of Charity Motherhouse pool opened in 1963 marked with a special blessing by the Sisters. More than 50 years later, Community members and friends continue to celebrate its opening.

LeadingAge Ohio
Art and Writing Show

Congratulations to our Sisters participating in the LeadingAge Ohio South/Southwest Region’s Art and Writing Exhibition on May 25 at Berkeley Square Retirement Community (Hamilton, Ohio). Works of art and writing were submitted by residents and clients of LeadingAge Ohio organizations. S. Mary Fran Boyle received third place for her poem “Snowbound”.

Throwback Thursday

As we approach the summer months, here’s a throwback to 2006. Sisters and former members visit with each other at a pool party and picnic during the June Gathering at the Motherhouse.

May 15, 2016

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Cincinnati Associates hosted the annual spring Ice Cream Social on May 15 in Mother Margaret Hall. Sisters enjoyed ice cream sundaes and the opportunity to visit with SC Associates during the afternoon gathering.

Seton Students
Go to “Beautiful Lengths”

So proud of our SC sponsored ministry Seton High School. Approximately 400 students and community members came together on Monday, May 16 to make the kindest cut for Pantene’s “Beautiful Lengths” campaign. Participants got their hair cut simultaneously in order to donate to the program which makes wigs for cancer patients.

Associate and director of the Sisters of Charity Office of Peace, Justice and Care for Creation Debbie Weber, was honored at Mount St. Joseph University’s Mount Jubilee as a Future Five honoree. Learn more about Debbie and her post-graduate work.

The above video shows Sisters speaking in a variety of languages, representative of the first Pentecost when members of the crowd heard each one speaking in his own language – the power of the Holy Spirit was given.

Art of Making Memories

Sisters Rose Therese Wich and Joan Groff were featured artists in the silent auction at the Alzheimer’s Association’s (Greater Cincinnati Chapter) Art of Making Memories event on May 5. The two Sisters participate in the association’s Memories in the Making art program at Mother Margaret Hall nursing facility.

May 8, 2016

Sisters of LCWR Region 6
Release Statement

Sisters of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Region 6 gathered at the Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse in April for their semi-annual meeting. During that time, the group developed a resolution which states: The Sisters of Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Region 6 (Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee) resolve to bring the message of Laudato Si’ to hear the cry of the earth and cry of the poor to all our ministries and spheres of influence. In addition a press release was developed calling for ecological conversion in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, and mentioning specific conditions which call for transformation from a “rust belt industry” of mining, fracking and harmful agricultural practices. The goal is that all people, particularly those in poverty, might live in areas which enhance cultural richness, protect water and soil, and nurture healthy communities.

Mother Margaret Hall
Recognizes Volunteers

Mother Margaret Hall administration and support staff celebrated the volunteers who help life happen at Mother Margaret Hall nursing facility by hosting a luncheon in the Cedars Auditorium on Wednesday, May 4; approximately 95 volunteers attended. S. Pat Saul, administrator, acknowledged those present for the ways in which they add to the life of the Sister residents. She thanked the volunteers who serve through the year as vigil ministers, companions, visitors, readers, helpers, musicians, sacristans, chime choir members, cook-out grillers, bingo callers, activity assistants, and singers.

Welcome Carolyn

The Sisters of Charity are excited to welcome Carolyn Kesterman to the Communications Office! Carolyn will be sharing her talented writing abilities with the office as part of Mount St. Joseph University’s Summer Employment Program, sponsored by SC Ministry Foundation.

May 1, 2016

Mother’s Day Proclamation

The following Mother's Day Proclamation, promoting a Mother's Day for Peace, was written by Julia Ward Howe in 1870. This represented her growing concern over the consequences of war, and her hope for an end to all wars. To read the proclamation ... 

World Communications Day –
May 8

“Communications and Mercy: A Fruitful Encounter.” Pope Francis says, “At a time when our attention is often drawn to the polarized and judgmental nature of social networks, this theme invokes the power of words and gestures to overcome misunderstandings, to heal memories and to build peace and harmony.” 

As communicators for the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, we are committed to using our gifts to develop creative ways to promote the actions of our Sisters – who act when others can’t or won’t, who help with suffering, who support Earth and care for creation, who promote peace and  justice even when their own lives might be at stake – all aiming to make the world a better place in which to live. We are privileged to communicate the history, Gospel-inspired values and ongoing contributions of the Sisters of Charity!

‘Sole Sisters’
Raise Money, Awareness

Congratulations to Sisters Sally Duffy, Tracy Kemme, Annie Klapheke, Andrea Koverman, Louise Lears and Joyce Richter who participated in the weekend events of the 18th annual Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. While doing so the women raised money for the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center (IJPC) in Cincinnati. For more than 30 years, IJPC has been educating and advocating for peace, challenging injustices, and promoting a nonviolent society.

Associate Debbie Weber Honored

Congratulations to Associate and Director of the Sisters of Charity Office of Peace, Justice and Care for Creation, Debbie Weber (center), who was honored April 27 as one of the recipients of Mount St. Joseph University’s Future Five Award. Recipients of the award are recognized for excelling in their professions and serving their communities post-graduation. To read more about Debbie’s years of service …

April 24, 2016

Sisters, Students
Participate in Garlic Mustard Pull

Students from Seton and DePaul Cristo Rey high schools joined Sisters on Saturday, April 23 to pull garlic mustard from the old Hillside Road (located on the Motherhouse property). Garlic mustard is an invasive weed which crowds out native wildflowers and whose roots secrete an enzyme that kills tree seedlings. After the group finished weeding, they enjoyed lunch and conversation in the Motherhouse Dining Room.

National Poetry Month

The month of April is set aside to celebrate National Poetry Month, a time to celebrate poets and their craft. The following poem is written by the S. Victoria Marie Forde:

the music flows
as moments in our lives,
never still
into harmonies,

except by ears
to a world grief,
one with a God
who cries,
and rises
in every moment of time.

April 17, 2016

Hosts Girl Scout Troop

Members of the St. Antoninus Brownie Troop visited EarthConnection on Friday, April 15 to learn more about living lightly on Earth. S. Winnie Brubach and Associate Kay Clifton took the troop on a tour of the facility before heading outdoors to weed in the large organic garden and to plant onions. The outing enabled the girls to earn their Household Elf badge – learning tips and pointers to keeping their home clean and green.

Mercy in Motion

S. Cathy Cahur (center) ministers at Most Holy Redeemer Parish in San Francisco, California, a parish known for sharing God’s compassionate love with all people.  Its mission states that the parish “draws people from isolation to community, from searching to awakening, from indifference to concern, from selfishness to meaningful service, from fear in the midst of adversity to faith and hope in God.” S. Cathy teaches centering prayer; in addition she offers an annual introductory workshop, supports the ongoing weekly prayer gatherings and plans and coordinates the monthly distinguished speaker series. Read more…

Celebrating Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day! While the day is set aside to demonstrate, on a large scale, support for environmental protection, the Sisters of Charity are called to be life-giving and creative participants in the ongoing life of Earth – every day! Ever aware of the interconnectedness of all creation the Community is committed to the healing of our global home. 


National Poetry Month

The month of April is set aside to celebrate National Poetry Month, a time to celebrate poets and their craft. The following poem is written by the late S. Carita Kemble:

The Magnet
Teardrops of rain
Irresistibly drawn sunward
Create ray-diant paths
From earth to heaven
–Divine Magnet, draw me!

April 10, 2016

National Poetry Month

The month of April is set aside to celebrate National Poetry Month, a time to celebrate poets and their craft. The following poem is written by S. Imelda Cooper ...

Visit the Future of Charity Blog

The World Day of Prayer for Vocations was on Sunday, April 17. We encourage friends of the SC Community to visit the SC Federation’s Future of Charity Blog. This collaborative ministry appeals to many readers. Written by younger, newer vowed members or women in formation, the blog’s goal is to communicate the women’s love of God and of religious life while drawing others ever more deeply into “the beauty of God.” Please take a moment to visit the Future of Charity Blog and even make it one of your “favorites.” To view, visit http://futureofcharity.blogspot.com/.

Mercy Monday

S. Rose Martin Morand ministers to female jail inmates in Montgomery County, Ohio. Sister leads peacemaking circles to support and encourage the womeon. Of the ministry she says, “We’re talking about restorative justice rather than retributive justice. Restorative justice is trying to heal the harm, rather than punish the perpetrator. And to heal the relationship takes time and humility and to know that it can be done. It’s relationship building.”

April, 3, 2016

New Horizons Band
Performs at Motherhouse

Members of the New Horizons Band of Cincinnati – including our own S. Mary Fran Boyle – performed for the Sisters of Charity, Associates and Friends on Sunday, April 3 in the Cedars Auditorium. The musical program provides entry points to music making for adults, including those with no musical experience at all and those who were active in school music programs but have been inactive for a long time. The varied array of music they performed was enjoyed by all.

CLDP Members Gather in St. Louis

(Back row, from left) Sisters Sandy Howe, SC-Cin; Janet Gildea, SC-Cin; Nancy Murphy, DC; Catherine Brown, DC; Mary Kay Neff, SC-Seton Hill; Christina De Santos, Assocoate SC-Cin; Victoria Anyanwu, SC-Cin; (front row, from left) Alice Ann O'Neill, SC-Cin; Cheryl Ann Hillig, DC; Julie Burdick, Associate SC-Cin; Rachel Blais, SC-Seton Hill

Sisters of Charity Federation members participating in the 18-month Collaborative Leadership Development Program met in St. Louis, Missouri, in March. The program is designed to prepare women religious, Associates, and co-members with the skills, knowledge and confidence to assume leadership positions in community and ministry.

Sisters Celebrate
Opening Day in Cincinnati

The excitement of the upcoming baseball season has reached the Motherhouse! Sisters and employees donned their red on Monday, April 4 in support of the Reds Opening Day. Throughout the Mount St. Joseph campus Sisters were taking part in the Opening Day celebrations throughout the city. Go Reds!

Celebrating the
Feast of the Annunciation

Window in Immaculate Conception Chapel
Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse

When the angel visited, Mary trusted.
May your will be done in us, O God.

March 27, 2016

Spring Blessing

We believe in the God of Springtime! Creator God, we give thanks for your spring blessings, for your touch of life that vivifies and sanctifies all of creation. Bless us as we go forth to the places where your Presence leads us. Amen.

Celebrating the Most
Light-Hearted Day of the Year

S. Cookie Crowley has been no stranger to April Fools’ Day pranks throughout the years; as trickster and victim alike. With April Fools’ Day upon us, Sister remembers a memorable prank played on her at St. Leo School in Detroit, Michigan. Read more …

Mercy Monday

S. Marcel DeJonckheere volunteers with End Slavery Cincinnati, delivering gift bags to trafficked women. She says: “For me, it is a privilege to be able to offer these women compassion; I am so grateful for our Congregational support, even naming End Slavery Cincinnati as the recipient of the 2014 SC Christmas gift. I am ever conscious of two sayings: 1) ‘You may be the only face of Jesus someone sees today’ and 2) ‘What one of us does, we all do.’

Only Love

Jesus’ power in his Risen Life belongs to us also – he is hidden in our own lives. We, too, can bring peace to another, give courage and comfort, change fear to love, shame to joy, restore self-respect. The only condition for finding and recognizing the Risen One today is that we love him – not power, chance or virtue. Only Love. Believe!  Adapted from Caryl Houselander, The Risen Christ

Easter Blessings Abound

Sisters in the Motherhouse and Mother Margaret Hall remain grateful for the generosity of their SC employees who prepared and served the Easter dinner on Sunday, March 27.

March 20, 2016

Mercy Monday

Last week the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati were able to donate numerous boxes of bed linens and medical supplies to Matthew 25: Ministries. Donated items help the poorest of the poor and disaster victims throughout the United States and around the world.

Celebrating 90 Years

Sisters and Associates living in the Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado, area celebrated the 90th birthdays of Sisters Jane Grosheider and Anna Maria Ahl (from left, seated) at the Broadmoor Sunday Brunch on March 20. Those attending were (from left) Ruth Boling, Pat Grubelnik, S. Barb Counts, S. Roberta Westrick, Claudia Rogers, Maria Gutierrez, Kate McCord and Janet Kearns.

Lenten Reflection
Week 6

God I need your grace in my life. We have been down this road before; the reading of the passion lays it bare – we humans are being pushed to a decision. The time is coming. Do I stand with Jesus? Faith requires risk as much as it requires belief.Touch my soul and penetrate my heart.

March 13, 2016

Reflections on Religious Life

In honor of National Catholic Sisters Week, we have been spotlighting Sisters in different stages of their SC community life. Each woman has either answered the question or demonstrated how their lives reflect the goodness and compassion of God today and into the future. S. Annina Morgan recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Sister’s more than 80 years in the SC Community offer a valued perspective. Read more…

Lenten Reflection
Week 5

God I need your grace in my life. This week I want to consistently accept the good in every person. Help me to refrain from condemning and judging; to bring our world back into a holy, happy and healthy existence – not one where force and fear reign. The amount of listening and loving it takes from each of us must increase. May I help it happen! Touch my soul and penetrate my heart.

Feast of St. Joseph
March 19

Artwork by Michael O'Neill McGrath, O.S.F.S.

Mother Margaret George often advised, when in doubt as to how to proceed, “Go to Joseph.” As we celebrate his feast we call on Joseph to bless all families. In times of tension and crisis, Joseph, bless families with the hope of consolation and forgiveness; in times of joy and growth bless them with a spirit of gratitude so that parents may serve as a loving source of stability. Help all of us to be persons of integrity and justice, just as you were for Jesus. Amen.

The Feast of St. Patrick
March 17

Artwork by Michael O'Neill McGrath, O.S.F.S.

May the Spirit of St. Patrick bring a harvest of peace and unity to our world at this time, especially in Syria and other places of unrest. May the Irish continue to share their very special gifts of humor, folklore and music.

Paying Tribute to St. Patrick

Irish music and folklore were present, in abundance, in the Motherhouse Dining Room on Thursday, March 17.

NCSW Spirit Continues

Approximately 40 Motherhouse and Mother Margaret Hall employees enjoyed a complimentary meal in the Motherhouse Dining Room on Wednesday, March 16. The employees had participated in the National Catholic Sisters Week guessing game earlier in the week. As a thank you, the SC Communications Office treated the employees to lunch with those Sisters participating in the game. It was an enjoyable time and an opportunity for the Sisters and employees to get to know each other better.

National Catholic Sisters Week
Ends with Celebration

SC employees celebrated the Sisters on the final day of National Catholic Sisters Week on Monday, March 14. Human Resources provided root beer floats during the social hour, and the results of the Sister guessing game circulating throughout the campus the week prior were revealed. Employees answering correctly are invited to join the participating Sisters for lunch on March 16.

March 6, 2016

Happy Birthday S. Annina

Happy 100th Birthday to Sister of Charity of Cincinnati Annina Morgan! Celebrations for S. Annina will be held throughout the week at Mother Margaret Hall. Born on March 9, 1916, S. Annina entered the Sisters of Charity in 1933. Sister ministered in education for 33 years – as teacher and principal – and is well loved and treasured by many of her former students, as well as her SC Community. Dear friend S. Mary Bookser says it well, “She is a woman who radiates goodness, grace, wisdom and love, and has shared these through all the years of her Sisters of Charity living. She is a blessing to all of the Charity family and to all who know her.”

Friendly Sons of St. Patrick

On Thursday, March 3, the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, a popular Westside male choral group, entertained the Sister residents of Mother Margaret Hall and the Motherhouse. This is an annual March event for the Sisters of Charity, celebrating the month of the Irish. A number of the young men have been taught by the Sisters of Charity and are members of the parishes where the Congregation ministered.

Lenten Reflection
Week 4

God I need your grace in my life. Take time to listen. “If today you hear God’s voice harden not your hearts” (Psalm 95). Norvene Vest tells us that “silence creates an environment in which God can be heard.” May it take root in us, creating greater openness to God’s grace in the day-to-day. “Listen with the ear of your heart.” (Benedict of Nursia) Touch my soul and penetrate my heart.

March 1, 2016

Lenten Reflection
Week 3

God, I need your grace in my life.  Pope Francis refers to ‘mercy’ as the bridge that connects God and humanity, opening our hearts to the hope of being loved forever despite our sinfulness.  God’s forgiveness knows no bounds, always ready to forgive.  Joan Chittister OSB reminds us that when we really come to know ourselves we also come to realize that we have no right to give up on anyone any more than God ever gives up on us.  God waits for all of us to grow into goodness.  Touch my soul and penetrate my heart.

MSJU Welcomes New President

Mount St. Joseph University introduced Dr. and Mrs. James Williams on Feb. 29. Dr. Williams will officially begin as president of the university on March 15. S. Joan Cook offered a prayer and welcome from the Sisters of Charity during the special event, which was attended by many Sisters as well as Mount community members. MSJU is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Charity.

Forever Young

Mike Davis, a local Elvis/Neil Diamond impersonator,
serenaded S. Ramona on her ‘Sweet 16’ in 2008.

Sister of Charity Ramona Chisholm celebrates her 18th birthday this year.  Officially born on Feb. 29, S. Ramona is a “leapling.” To read more about Sister’s unique birthday ...

February 21, 2016

S. John Miriam Jones Honored

The Notre Dame Club of Greater Cincinnati celebrated S. John Miriam Jones’ 92nd birthday on Sunday, Feb. 21. In celebration of the university’s 40th anniversary of coeducation, S. John Miriam was recognized for “making it happen.” Sister was assistant to the provost at the time and put in charge of the coeducation effort.

Lenten Reflection
Week 2

God, I need your grace in my life. Pope Francis encourages us to open our eyes and see the misery of persons in our world. May we break down the barriers of indifference around us and heed Jesus’s example to make our Church and our nation just, generous, merciful and honest to everyone. Touch my soul and penetrate my heart.

Remembering S. Blandina Segale

This week (February 23) marked the 75th anniversary of the death of Servant of God S. Blandina Segale. Throughout her 91 years, 75 years as a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati, S. Blandina worked tirelessly for the poor and marginalized, advocated for women and children, cared for the sick and built orphanages, hospitals and schools in the Southwest and in Cincinnati. S. Blandina’s cause for sainthood is currently being reviewed in Rome. If … when we have the joy of celebrating S. Blandina’s canonization, February 23 might possibly also be known as S. Blandina’s Feast Day! S. Blandina, pray for us!

Mercy Monday

In this Year of Mercy, we remember the late S. Mary Grafe (left), an advocate for justice. In the words of Bonnie Neumeier, “Mary could be seen at City Hall, by someone’s bedside, praying with youth in prison, or knocking on a door for a home visit. Her gift was her presence. Mary was known to be soft spoken, but the way she lived her life spoke loud and clear about her commitment to justice and her faithfulness to her family, friends, and community.”

February 14, 2016

Journey Toward Goodness

God, I need your grace in my life.  Life is a journey toward goodness. This Lent you call us to put on the broken heart of the world as we witness to others that You love us through the love others see in us. We are meant to prepare the way for Your Works today, here and now. Joan Chittister, OSB, suggests, “We are not here simply to wait for heaven. We are here to bring it.” Touch my soul and penetrate my heart.

Tibetan Monks
Create Sand Mandala

Tibetan Monks of the Drepung Gomang Monastery have been creating a Sacred Sand Mandala this week at the Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery at Mount St. Joseph University. The Monks have been staying at the Motherhouse during the week and will end their visit on Thursday, Feb. 18 with an hour-long chant/prayer in the Motherhouse chapel. The service is open to the public. To read more about the Sacred Art of Sand Mandalas…

Mardi Gras Celebrations

Sisters in Mother Margaret Hall enjoyed a Mardi Gras style celebration on Tuesday, Feb. 9 in the Community Room. Ricki Nye provided the entertainment, and delicious Cajun treats were all part of the festivities leading up to Ash Wednesday.

Valentine’s Luncheon
Held in MMH

The Sisters of Charity Leadership Team hosted a Valentine’s Day-themed luncheon for Sisters in Mother Margaret Hall on Friday, Feb. 12. The lunch hour was spent enjoying a meal, dessert and fellowship.

Mid-Winter Prayer
by Alice Ann O'Neill, SC

Mid-winter softly continues
Bright, bleak, white, gray;
January silently within
Easy, difficult, courage, fear;
Prayer singing on
Clear, foggy, beautiful, bumbling;
Sing unceasingly!
Heart seeking union
Soften, open, glowing, melting;

February 8, 2016

Celebrating Valentine’s Day
February 14

On this Valentine’s Day ask yourself: “Who gifted me with life?” “How am I living it?” Revisit your own ‘heartstrings’. Early on … Who Influenced me, motivated me, left their imprints? Who helped me to heal, aided me in learning balance, wounded me, taught me to believe? Today, bring your grateful heart. God of Life, you have been there for me all along.

Lent Begins

God, I need your grace in my life. I admit my weakness.
Touch my soul and penetrate my heart. Let my fasting this Lent be rooted in justice and love for the poor.

MMH Celebrates St. Brigid Day

Sisters and residents gathered on Friday, Feb. 5 to celebrate St. Brigid Day, a tradition begun 13 years ago by S. Paula Mary Russell and Mary Pat Burke, director of Resident Services. The gifted Nancy Clark played her Celtic harp. The “Bodran” or Irish drum was played by Frank Clark and Jude Jones entertained with the fiddle. A selection of Irish tunes with a bit of poetry graced the gathering, and Catherine Barron and Rose Cooper (daughters of Mother Margaret Hall employees) served as Irish dancers, adding variety to the afternoon entertainment. Soda bread, an Irish treat, was baked by S. Paula Mary and Mary Pat.

Harpers’ Robin Performs
at Motherhouse

Sisters Montiel Rosenthal and Paula Mary Russell took part in the Saturday, Feb. 6 performance of the Cincinnati Harpers’ Robin. As part of the Cincinnati Early Music Festival, the group performed music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras to a crowd in the Motherhouse chapel.

February 1, 2016

Community Celebrates
Catholic Schools Week

Sisters, Associates and employees celebrated Catholic Schools Week on Wednesday, Feb. 3 in the Motherhouse Dining Room. School songs and fond memories were shared at lunch … a few even remembered the answers to catechism questions.

Catholic Schools:
Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service

The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati join in the celebration of Catholic Schools Week (Jan. 31-Feb. 6) by recognizing a few of our current SC educators. S. Mary Alice Haithcoat has ministered in education since entering the Community. She has served at Piqua Catholic School (Piqua, Ohio) as assistant principal and teacher since 1993. Reflecting on her ministry, Sister says, “For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a teacher. As a teacher, I have the unique opportunity to share my faith and values with my students every day. Over the years, I have taught grades two through eight and have found each day full of  surprises. The innocence, simplicity, and smiles of the children are a welcome sight. The students teach me so much about God's love.”

S. Sandy Howe is the community service coordinator at Seton High School, an SC sponsored ministry in Cincinnati, Ohio.

S. Katharine Pinto has ministered in education for more than 40 years, teaching everyone from kindergarteners to non-English speaking adults. She currently tutors at Resurrection School in Price Hill. To read more …

S. Ginny Scherer is teacher, chair of the science department and senior class advisor at Lehman Catholic High School in Sidney, Ohio.

Celebrating Our Educators:
S. Helen Attenweiler

As we celebrate National Catholic Schools Week – January 31 through February 6 – we celebrate our SC educators. Diamond Jubilarian S. Helen Attenweiler ministered in education for more than 50 years, 37 of those at St. William School in Cincinnati. To read more about S. Helen …

A Heartfelt Thank You

Kindergarten, first, second and third grade students from Resurrection School in Price Hill (Cincinnati) sent a warm thank you to the Sisters of Charity in honor of Catholic Schools Week. The SC Community has a long history with Resurrection School; three SCs and one lay person opened the school in 1919. Today Sisters Juliette Sabo and Katharine Pinto (also in the video) minister part-time at Resurrection.

January 24 , 2016

S. Tracy Kemme
Co-Leads Giving Voice Retreat

Sisters Tracy Kemme, SC, and Tracey Horan (Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods) led the annual Giving Voice Retreat for Sisters in their 20s and 30s this month in Phoenix, Arizona. The retreat is a much-needed nourishing and fun weekend for young women religious to come together for prayer, reflection and relationship building. This year’s theme was "Contemplating the Mystery of Mercy."

SC Communications Attends
Salesian Guild Annual Meeting

Members of the SC Communications Office attending the 72nd annual meeting of the
Salesian Guild were (from left) Megan Moore, Michelle Bley, S. Georgia Kitt,
S. Patrice Vales and Joshua Zeller

Sisters of Charity communicators attended the 72nd annual meeting of the Salesian Guild on Saturday, Jan. 23 at the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor’s Peace Center. The evening’s guest speaker was Mark Friedman, long-time educator and composer of “Tenderly: The Rosemary Clooney Musical”. Maryanne Zeleznik was honored with the Distinguished Communicator of the Year Award “in recognition of her integrity, professionalism, fellowship and idealism as news director and “Morning Edition” host for WVXU, Cincinnati Public Radio.”

Get to Know An Associate

(From left) S. Grace Ann Gratsch, Associate Virginia Gilmore and Virginia’s son
Frank at the June 14 Associate commitment ceremony at the Motherhouse.

Meet Cincinnati Associate Virginia Gilmore. She made her commitment as an Associate in Mission on June 14, 2015. To read more about Virginia and her connection with the SC Community …

January 17, 2016

Day of Prayer for the
Legal Protection of Unborn Children

On Jan. 22 we honor the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children, remembering that it takes courage to choose life. We pray that we may be examples of those who give people the strength to be courageous. May we safeguard the dignity of every human life, from womb to tomb.

Happy Birthday, S. Blandina Segale

Let us celebrate Sister of Charity Blandina Segale, Servant of God’s, birthday this January 23rd!  Having been born in 1850, she would have been 166 years old this year. Sister Blandina’s cause for sainthood is currently being reviewed in Rome. 

Through your many birthdays whenever you saw a need you were ready to serve. In your example as teacher, social worker and builder, lead us to bandage wounded hearts and repair bruised relationships. Build in each of us a forgiving spirit and a welcoming place for God’s love. Help us to learn to always trust in Jesus, as you did, and may the immigrant of today find a home among us. Amen.

Wake Up the World,
Celebrating the Gift of Being Called

On Sunday, Jan. 17 more than 125 consecrated women and men from 16 area societies joined their voices at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral in Cincinnati. They celebrated the Year of Consecrated Life in song to a packed audience, giving witness to the joy of living Gospel life.

Ice Cream Celebration Honors
70 years as a Sister of Charity

Friends of S. Mary Bodde honored her 70 years of commitment as a vowed religious with an ice cream celebration for all the Sisters in Mother Margaret Hall on Friday, Jan. 15. Everyone attending was treated to the flavor and toppings of their choice. A good time was had by all!

January 10, 2016

Packet of Testimony is Opened

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT DAY. Today, Jan. 13, the testimony taken to the Vatican on behalf of our Servant of God Sister Blandina Segale will be opened by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome. The testimony will be given to the theological experts; they will determine if the materials made the case that Blandina practiced heroic virtue. If the packet of testimony prepared and submitted by the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico, & the Sisters of Charity made the case then we will be notified that she can be declared Venerable.  If the case looks strong, but more evidence of heroic is needed, we (Archdiocese and Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati) will be invited to provide additional evidence.  The cause is processing quickly. May prayers accompany their efforts.

Seton Research Shows Progress

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of Sisters Regina Bechtle, SCNY (left) and Judith Metz, SC Cincinnati, the first installment of charts listing documents written to and about Elizabeth Seton, the Seton and Bayley families, and related letters have been posted online at DePaul University Library’s Vincentian Heritage Collection: http://via.library.depaul.edu/seton_stud/.

Over 450 documents from 1767 through 1809 are listed, with their location and first lines, in three chronological charts. Several sample letters are also included.  See the first link in the online material for a fuller description of this continuing work, which will eventually list over 1,000 documents in 17 archives. Stay tuned! The Seton Writings Project is supported by the Sisters of Charity Federation.

Young Adult Service Trip
to the House of Charity

The Annual Company of Charity Formation Personnel (CCFP) young adult service trip to New Orleans at the House of Charity took place January 4-9, 2016. Sisters from Cincinnati, Nazareth, New Jersey, New York and Leavenworth provided a week of prayer, service and community with young adults as they continued work on the Seton Homecoming Project. Sisters Lois Jean Goettke, Monica Gundler and Affiliate Whitney Schieltz were part of the week.

Canonical Year Completed

(From left) Sisters Terry Thorman, Carol Leveque, Annie Klapheke, Maureen Heverin,
Nancy Bramlage and Donna Steffen

Monday, Jan. 11, marked the conclusion of S. Annie Klapheke’s Canonical year as a Sister of Charity novice. Attending the celebration are S. Annie’s novitiate community and novice director S. Donna Steffen. In Annie’s own words to the entire Charity Family Annie states: “It takes a village to raise a novice. Each of you is a part of the village. You have contributed to my formation in countless ways. To all, my deepest and most sincere thank you.”

A Wintery Snow

"January is here, with eyes that keenly glow,
A frost-mailed warrior striding a shadowy steed of snow."
- Edgar Fawcett

January 3, 2016

2016 Elizabeth Seton Awardees

(From left) Linda Smith Berry, S. Joan Cook, SC president, and Pamela Matson

The Manager of the Good Samaritan Free Health Center, Linda Smith Berry (left), and the co-founders of End Slavery Cincinnati, Jessica Donohue-Dioh and Pamela Matson (right), were the recipients of the 2016 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Awards.  The awards were presented during the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton liturgy on Sun., Jan. 3, in the Sister of Charity Motherhouse Chapel, in the presence of Sisters, SC Associates, family members, and past EAS Award recipients.

Sisters of Charity Celebrated

Seton High School celebrated the Feast Day of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton with a Mass on Wednesday, Jan. 6, followed by a reception that honored the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati.

Celebrating St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Sisters and Associates in the Denver Colorado area gathered on Sun., Jan. 3, 2016  to celebrate St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s Feast Day and to renew their SC vows and Associate commitments. They gathered at the Gardens of St. Elizabeth where S. Jackie Leech ministers.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Jan. 4 Feast Day

On Jan. 4 we celebrated the Feast Day of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. The first American-born saint, Elizabeth founded the first American religious community for women, the Sisters of Charity, opened the first American parish school and established the first American Catholic orphanage. All this she did in the span of 46 years while raising her five children.

See and Be Filled with Joy

The star has appeared, one far brighter than the others.  Lift up your head and see.  Be filled with Joy.  In his book, Hungry, and You Fed Me, Richard Rohr, OFM challenges us to be wise women and men. “Let us journey with eyes searching to see light, to see truth, to see love, to see goodness – wherever it is found, by whatever name it carries. God is shone forth wherever people are searching for love and light and truth…Let this be the year we, like the wise men, are willing to go on the same kind of stretching and perilous journeys to find the God that is always present and freely given to all.” Be filled with Joy!

Festive Lunch

The Sisters in Mother Margaret Hall were treated to a special Christmas Lunch on Wednesday, Dec. 23.  It provided a chance to have more time with one another and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Winter Fun in the Snow

In the News
December 8, 2016

S. Janet Gildea’s article, “Completion, with eyes on the horizon”, was recently published in the Dec. 5 issue of Global Sisters Report. The article can be read at http://globalsistersreport.org/column/trends/completion-eyes-horizon-43651.

S. Monica Gundler was interviewed in the New Orleans Times-Picayune for her involvement with the ninth annual November Nuns Build, a partnership with the St. Bernard Project.