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Sister To All
The SC Communications Office launched “A Sister to All” in 2017! Using profiles of featured Sisters, the campaign honored the lives and ministries of our SCs. Click on an image below to learn about a Sister and her ministry.

S. Juana Mendez, SC

S. Carol Wirtz, SC

S. Teresa Laengle, SC

S. Nancy Crafton, SC

S. Victoria Anyanwu, SC

S. Tricia Cruise, SC

S.Delia Sizler, SC

S. Jackie Kowaslki, SC

S. Patricia Wittberg, SC

S. Marie Pauline Skalski, SC

S. Pat Dittmeier, SC

S. Annette Muckerheide, SC

Artistic Expressions

Continuing to Serve

Many Sisters of Charity after reaching retirement age either continue their full-time ministry, or they immerse themselves in multiple volunteer ministries. This series highlights a few of the many Sisters of Charity continuing to serve. Click on the name under the picture.

S. Mary Jo Gasdorf

S. Mary Fran Boyle

Flag of Honor
Gifted to Delhi Township

S. Rosaleen Simpleman stands beside the Flag of Honor she
gifted to the Delhi Township Administration Building.

A very special Flag of Honor is now on display at the Delhi Township Administration Building, thanks to the generosity of S. Rosaleen Simpleman. READ MORE

The Love of Chirst Urges Us

The motto of the Sisters of Charity, “The love of Christ urges us,” was embodied in their selfless ministry during the Civil War. The Sisters ministries were never confined solely to one work. Their goal was to go where needed. One such need was Cumberland, Maryland. READ MORE

Justice in Action

De Paul Cristo Rey

Sisters of Charity sponsored ministry, DePaul Cristo Rey High School, was spotlighted on ABC Nightline this week for students involvement in the effort to advocate for the freedom of Tyra Patterson. Read more about Tyra’s connection to the Sisters of Charity and the late S. Ruth Kuhn.

A School in Kwapia:
Envisioning a Future through Education