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Office of Peace, Justice and the Integrity of Creation, Advisory Board
Office of Peace, Justice and Care for Creation

In 1985, Pax Christi USA offered its members a Vow of Nonviolence. It was composed by Eileen Egan and Fr. John Dear. The Vow can be pronounced privately, with a local peace community, as part of a parish liturgy, or any other way that suits you. Many profess the Vow each year as part of their New Year observance. READ MORE.

Civilize It

Civilize It is a non-partisan movement and a call for all of us to help change the tone, follow our faith, and quiet the quarrels in our day-to-day lives. READ MORE.

Welcome Baskets
...for our refugee sisters and brothers

Thank you to all who donated bedroom baskets, home baskets, cleaning bins and additional items for our new refugee neighbors. Your generosity has touched the lives of our sistesr and brothers who now call Cincinnati home. READ MORE.

Heifer Project International  

Together, we raised enough money to donate a heifer cow, a trio of rabbits and a flock of chicks to families in need! Giving an animal to a family is like giving someone a small business - providing wool, milk, eggs and more. Animals can provide families a hand up - increasing access to medicine, school, food and a sustainable livelihood. To learn more ...

Symposium Gives Life
to Congregational Stand  

Close to 500 persons attended the “Violence Against Women Symposium” held at the Cintas Center on Oct. 27, 2015. The reality of human trafficking was brought home to all in attendance through a variety of mediums including drama, stories, video, those in direct service, social service agencies, and law enforcement. Main presenters for the evening were Edwina Gately and Brenda Myers-Powell. We thank the Office of Peace, Justice and Care for Creation and the Committee members and volunteers for providing this most challenging program.

Water With Blessings in Haiti
December 2014

S. Andrea Koverman and Director of OPJCC and Associate Debbie Weber spent the first week of Advent in Zabriko, Haiti. As a SC Federation collaboration, the two along with Steve Schmitt, an Associate of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Kentucky, delivered water filtration kits to the women of Zabriko and trained them to be “Water Women,” women who commit to the kind act of sharing clean water with three other families in their communities. By equipping the Water Women of Zabriko with a simple, in-home filtration system and teaching them clean water habits, they were able to provide them with the means to protect not only their family but also their neighbors from deadly water. During their time in Haiti, the three trained 41 Water Women (between them, they have 179 children). These women will share their filtration system with three other families!

Associate Visits
Santo Niño Project

OPJCC Director Debbie Weber recently visited our Sisters living and ministering at the Texas/Mexico border. Debbie had the opportunity to spend some time at the Santo Niño Project in Anapra, Mexico, a ministry started by Sisters Peggy Deneweth, Ann Dorenbusch, Janet Gildea and Carol Wirtz in 2002 for poor children with special needs and their families. To learn more about the Santo Niño Project, visit http://proyectosantonino.org/. (Posted October 2013)