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Sisters of Charity Spirituality Center

The Spirituality Center, located near Cincinnati, Ohio, provides opportunities for spiritual enrichment to the community through a wide variety of programs. We offer weekend/overnight retreats, private retreats, days of reflection, evening prayer programs, massage therapy, a labyrinth and provide individual spiritual direction for both men and women. Motivated by the Sisters of Charity vision to share our faith and resources, the mission of Spirituality Center is to provide opportunities for growth by deepening faith life, strengthening efforts toward community building, reaching out to the needs of the community and heightening awareness of Gospel values. Stemming from a belief that all life is sacred, our purpose is to unite faith with life experience in a holistic approach.

Private Retreats

This is an opportunity for a retreatant to share his/her prayer experience with a trained director in order to discover the movement of the Spirit. Spiritual Directors are available to meet with you as a regular companion on your life journey in relationship with God or to assist you dureing a directed retreat. Spiritual direction and private retreats are individually arranged by calling 513-347-5449. Group spiritual direction is also available.

Days, Evenings, Weekends for Special Groups

Theme, prayer and process are arranged to meet the needs of each particular group here or at the local site. Programs are available to parish committees/parish councils, school faculties/parish teams, liturgical ministers and many others. Our programs can range from a few hours to several consecutive evenings to weekend retreats. While we do provide suggestions for themes, we are always open to ideas from the groups themselves. By providing custom designed programs to these groups, we hope to help participants maximize these opportunities for spiritual growth.

Programs can be arranged by calling 513-347-5449.

Massage Therapy
Mary Fran Davisson, SC, LMT

Massage is both an ancient and naturally instinctive form of anointing and healing touch that helps relieve pain and discomfort. Massage therapy is a holistic therapy which enhances the mind, body and spirit connection and helps open a person to the presence of God in his/her life. Modalities used include:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Medical Massage
  • Oncology Massage
  • Energy Work

The costs for therapies are as follows:
15-minute neck and shoulder massage $21.35*
30-minute massage focusing on specific area $32.00*
1-hour full body massage 53.40*
1-hour Energy Work sesson $50.00*
30-minute Energy Work sesson $30.00*

*Sales tax has been added to all fees.

The Anat Baniel Method®

The Anat Baniel Method® uses a Neuromovement® approach based on the understanding that movement is the language of the brain. This method utilizes movement in all its forms: thinking, feeling, emotion, movement, and action which provides information that the brain needs to grow and organize itself.

Sessions Available Include:
45 minute Individual Functional SynthesisSM (FS) Session $60-$70
Group Transformational Movement LessonSM (TML) $60 (series of 4)

Appointments are required and can be made by calling 513-347-5318. Gift certificates are available.

Spirituality Center Staff

Our center has a staff of dedicated professionals who are available to assist you before, during and after your attendance at our programs.

(From left) S. Marty Dermody, S. Maureen Heverin, S. Fran Davisson and Micki Trentman

Sister Marty Dermody’s, SC, (director) ministry experience includes elementary education, preparing students for the Sacraments, and facilitating a student exchange program. For 15 years (2000-2015), she served in the Sisters of Charity Communications Office as staff photographer. S. Marty has a Master of Arts in Religious Studies from Mount St. Joseph University.

Sister Mary Fran Davisson, SC (Massage Therapist), is an Ohio-licensed, board certified massage therapist. She received her massage therapy training from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Additional training includes: Healing Touch Levels I, II and III, Oncology Massage, Compassionate Touch for those in later life stages and Aromatherapy. She is also an Anat Baniel NeuroMovement® Practitioner.

Maureen Heverin, SC, received formal training in Spiritual Direction at the Jesuit Renewal Center in Milford, Ohio in 1992. Her ministry experience includes elementary education and adult education, social service work, spiritual formation and leadership in the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Congregation. Presently Maureen’s ministry in the Spirituality Center includes spiritual direction (individual and group), directing retreats and facilitating various spiritual programs.

Micki Trentman (Secretary) Phone: 513-347-5449