“If God is the center of your
life, no words are necessary.
Your mere presence will
touch hearts.”

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


“Charity is certainly
greater than any rule.
Moreover, all rules
must lead to charity.” 

St. Vincent de Paul


Meet Our New Associates: Patricia Plogman

By AJ Keith, Communications intern

Patricia Plogmann (left) has responded to her Associate commitment through the Newcomers Transition program for asylum-seekers.

Patricia Plogmann is one of the most recent women to make the commitment to become an Associate in Mission of the Sisters of Charity. She identifies herself as both a feminist and civil rights activist. As an Associate, Patricia offers her skills as a spiritual director to live the Gospel values and build loving relationships with those she has the pleasure of serving.

Patricia had little experience with the Sisters of Charity in early life, but gradually became aware of their mission through her pursuit of her master’s degree in Religious Studies at Mount St. Joseph University. She met her mentor and friend S. Marge Kloos during this time. S. Marge appreciated her feminist perspective of her faith because of her history of activism for women’s rights in the seventies. “I was impressed by [S. Marge] and so many other women who were strong and independent thinkers that had such a strong faith,” she says. Moved by the mission and ministries of the Sisters of Charity, Patricia decided to become an Associate and made her commitment to the Community in June 2018. “There was no particular instance that inspired me,” she says. “There was just a growing realization of what a great group of women they are.”

As an Associate, Patricia takes part in the Newcomer Transitions program with S. Sandy Howe. A program geared towards integrating asylum-seekers, Patricia helps a particular family for two days a week. She found the volunteer opportunity through a desire to serve after receiving her certificate in spiritual direction at Mount St. Joseph University and was pleased to work for a project that she feels is worthwhile. “As I worked with this family, I realized the scope of the issue,” she says. “It feels so gratifying to help them.” Some of the services that they provide are childcare, transportation, grocery shopping and finding clothes for the family.

Carrying out the mission of the Sisters proved to be easier as an Associate, Patricia recalls. The family that she is currently serving has helped her build loving relationships with her own family; Patricia’s daughter has even decided to help them through the Adopt-a-Family program at her work. “Serving in this area helps me and my family to live the Gospel values,” she says. Patricia hopes that her service will provide a sound basis for how people in our country should consider others and act justly towards them.

Since retirement, Patricia has had an innate desire to serve others and is grateful for the opportunity to become an Associate. She is also grateful for Sisters Marge Kloos and Sandy Howe who have guided her on her faith journey and enriched her opportunities to serve alongside the Sisters of Charity.

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