“If God is the center of your
life, no words are necessary.
Your mere presence will
touch hearts.”

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


“Charity is certainly
greater than any rule.
Moreover, all rules
must lead to charity.” 

St. Vincent de Paul


Meet Our New Associates: Therese Frye

By AJ Keith, Communications intern

Therese Frye (right) made her commitment as an Associate in Mission in June 2018, and serves at the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Detroit, Michigan.

The Sisters of Charity have planted the seeds of their mission among youth throughout their 150 years of ministry. Therese Frye is one of the people who has been touched by the ministries of the Sisters of Charity, which has resulted in her commitment to becoming an Associate. Because of her rewarding and fulfilling friends and mentors who exist in the Sisters of Charity, Therese understood her calling to becoming an Associate and made the commitment without a hint of hesitation.

From her earliest years, Therese was introduced to the works of the Sisters of Charity by having a great-aunt who belonged to the Congregation. She was also educated by numerous Sisters of Charity since they had taught her through 12th grade. Because of this, Therese realized the similarities between her values and theirs. “I believed in their mission, what they did and what they did for me individually as a student and as a person,” she says.

She made her formal commitment as an Associate in Mission in 2018 after a year of study of the Sisters of Charity and their charism under the tutelage of her co-worker and friend S. Noreen Ellison. Therese says that after a period of discernment, she knew that she wanted to become an Associate and made the commitment in her heart. “I made a very good friend with S. Noreen Ellison who saw in me the potential to become an Associate,” she says. “It was a perfect fit.” Therese credits the keen guidance of S. Noreen as one of the many influential factors on making this decision.

As an active member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society for more than 25 years, Therese has assumed challenging leadership roles even while she was still working full time as a registered nurse in a local hospital. Therese is currently the president of the SVDP Archdiocesan Council of Detroit and the Board of Trustees. In addition, she is active in two conferences. Sometimes, she is a team member in the ongoing formation programs with other Vincentians. This volunteer service takes about 30 hours a week.

“I firmly am committed and I believe in the mission statement of the Sisters of Charity,” Therese says. She even noted the parallels between the Sisters of Charity mission statement and the mission statement of the St. Vincent de Paul Society which both state the importance of living the Gospel values of peace and love. Therese also mentioned the inspiration that St. Elizabeth Ann Seton had on her life, admiring her ministries and strength of character.

As an Associate, Therese is active in her SC small group with eight of the Michigan Sisters and another Associate, Jamie Kelly. With the nurturing support of the Sisters of Charity, Therese has become a woman of faith and is dedicating her life to the mission of the Sisters as an Associate. Her work with the St. Vincent de Paul Society depicts the compassion of the Sisters of Charity as they continue to provide a sound basis for her to pursue a faithful life of service. Her commitment to the Sisters of Charity, who have been mentors as well as friends, is promptly responded to through her relentless service to others.

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