“If God is the center of your
life, no words are necessary.
Your mere presence will
touch hearts.”

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


“I am satisfied
to sow in tears
if I may reap
in joy.”

St. Elizabeth Seton


Meet Our New Associates: Theresa Piatt

By AJ Keith, Communications Intern

New Associate Theresa Piatt (right) was deeply moved by the charism of the Sisters of Charity and those who lived out its mission, like Sisters Juanita Marie Gonzales (left) and Lorraine Delisle (not shown).

Theresa Piatt from Santa Fe, New Mexico, has always dreamt of helping others; motivated by her dedication, her subsequent choices and selfless demeanor inevitably led her to the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. A woman dedicated to faith and service, Theresa made her commitment as an Associate to the Congregation on Oct. 5, 2019 to honor her life-long goal to help others, demonstrating how the charism of the Congregation reaches well beyond the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Throughout her life, Theresa had always dreamt of becoming a woman religious and served with Sisters from other congregations, but God ultimately steered her to the path of a lay person. Still committed to help others, Theresa began to serve alongside religious in whatever capacity possible. Through her parish work at St. John the Baptist Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Theresa met Sister of Charity Lorraine Delisle which would prove to be a life-changing experience. Theresa felt strongly connected to the Sisters of Charity and, after serving alongside S. Juanita Marie Gonzales, Theresa realized the capacity for service that she wanted to emulate. “Serving alongside Sisters Juanita and Lorraine helped me to understand what the Sisters of Charity do and what I wanted to do,” Theresa says.

Theresa’s relationship with Sisters Juanita and Lorraine had the largest impact on her perception of serving others. Understanding what it means to be involved with the Congregation, Theresa felt that the natural next step was that of Association. “Learning about Saints Elizabeth Seton and Vincent de Paul and seeing how their spirit is carried on through the Sisters of Charity is what made me want to be an Associate,” Theresa says.

For Theresa, faith and service are indistinguishable, as one of these concepts cannot exist without the other; this is apparent in her own service. As a catechist, Eucharistic minister and member of the Confirmation program with her parish, Theresa finds time to nurture the faith of others while also nurturing her own faith. Her faith acts as a way for her to build empathy to aptly care for others. “Because of my faith, I pray daily to be more loving, kind and caring to others,” Theresa says. “I will continue to volunteer at my parish as needed.”

With the promise to continue her service in Santa Fe, Theresa hopes to inspire others the same way that she was inspired by the Sisters of Charity. Because of her commitment to the Sisters of Charity, Theresa is prepared to make the strides necessary to further the charism of the Congregation, regardless of her geographical distance from the Congregation. Theresa says, “I’m answering the mission of the Sisters of Charity by doing what they do: reaching out to others.”

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