"The greater the work the more
important it is to establish it on
a solid foundation. Thus it will
not only be more perfect; it
will also be more lasting.”

St. Louise de Marillac

“Be diligent in serving
the poor. Love the poor,
honor them, my children,
as you would honor
Christ Himself.”

St. Louise de Marillac


Mary Doherty: Hair Dressing and Friendly Blessings

By AJ Keith, Communications intern

Mary Doherty (right) has served the Congregation for 28 years and has created fond memories during her time.

Whenever the Sisters of Charity are preparing for their celebrations, having a trained beautician on the Motherhouse campus comes in handy. Mary Doherty has been working as one of the residential hair stylists on campus for about 30 years and is inspired each day by the Sisters. Mary’s enthusiasm for her work shines through her talents by helping the Sisters prepare for their important moments. Because the Sisters have played such a pivotal role in her life, Mary uses her innate talents to give back to the Community.

Mary first met the Sisters of Charity at Seton High School, where she says she received a fabulous education. While pursuing a career in hairdressing, Mary attended Western Hills Academy of Beauty Culture in Cheviot, Ohio. The late S. Rosemary Robers, one of the Sisters who taught Mary and her three children, learned of Mary’s hairstyling talents and asked if she would be interested in a part-time position at the Motherhouse. After a phone interview with the late S. Ann Patrick Lynch in 1991, Mary began her new position with enthusiasm that carries on to this day. “I always say that getting this job was an answer to a prayer that I didn’t know I prayed,” Mary says.

As early as her first day, Mary has seen the optimistic and cordial relationships between the Sisters. As opposed to her previous jobs, Mary noticed that the Sisters take time to learn about others and constantly engage in friendly conversation during each of the Sisters’ appointments. Their flexibility and understanding makes for a positive work experience that rejuvenates Mary each morning before she comes in for her appointments with the Sisters of Charity. “The atmosphere here is so different because everybody is warm and welcoming,” Mary says. “They’re all special people.”

For all of the fun times that Mary has had with the Sisters, there were moments when she could confide in the Sisters. Through her 28 years with the Congregation, the Sisters have offered their prayers and love to her during times of celebration and condolence. Their presence has become a constant in Mary’s life in both the good and bad moments. “They’ve been to my surprise parties, to my mom’s funeral, my dad’s funeral and my son’s funeral,” Mary says. “They’ve all become my friends.”

Because of this, she is happy to be able to help the Sisters prepare for their important events. Though Mary has worked at other hair salons, none quite compare to the Sisters of Charity because of their shared experiences in their faith and deep-seeded friendships. While Mary used to work with mostly businesswomen, she now feels as though her personal connections with the Sisters make her job easier and make the Sisters more comfortable with her. Discussing religion and shared beliefs makes each meeting with the Sisters more impactful than she could imagine, especially since she was taught never to discuss anything about religion with her clientele. Luckily for her, Mary realized that it is encouraged with the Sisters of Charity, as is talking about her personal life. “I’ve received so many prayers and so much love, how could I not want to give back?” Mary says.

Styling hair for the Sisters of Charity is a talent that Mary uses to return the years’ worth of love to the Congregation. Instilled with passion and inspiration each day, Mary knows that she will continue to work alongside the Sisters for years to come. Because of her time spent with the Sisters of Charity, Mary says that she has been enlightened by the Sisters for their “love, happiness, peace and faith.

Mary Doherty

Motherhouse hair stylist Mary Doherty (right) feels spiritually rewarded when sharing her talents with the Sisters.

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