“That peace which is
the portion of the chosen
servants of God is seldom
unmixed with interior

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton



“You must be in
right earnest or
you will do little or
nothing for God.”

St. Elizabeth Seton

Water With Blessings

Many of you may remember donating water filtration systems to women in countries who had no access to clean water. Water With Blessings (WWB) is the nonprofit co-founded by S. Larraine Lauter, OSU that was, and still is, responsible for this outreach.

Last week we again assisted WWB … this time for the Navajo Reservation. Navajo families are at this moment struggling to survive a massive COVID-19 outbreak.

S. Larraine wrote:

Most of us in the USA are sheltering from the virus with the assurances of  adequate healthcare, food and water, but that’s not true for many of our Navajo families on the reservation. They often don’t have those same basic protections in place, especially the families who live on  very isolated sheep ranches. The need for clean, safe drinking water is making them especially vulnerable to this terrible disease. Clean drinking water isn’t a new challenge for Navajo families, but it’s even more difficult now.

We’re working directly with Navajo Nation leadership. They tell us they are working night and day to just get basic supplies to the affected families, including bottled water, which must be rationed. Imagine seeing your beloved elder wracked with fever and thirst, hoping the dwindling supply of bottles will hold out while you await in quarantine for another delivery.

Through the OPJCC water initiatives fund, we were able to buy enough filtration kits to serve up to 40 Navajo families. These kits include the filter, buckets, custom hardware, plus training on use and maintenance for a lifetime provision of safe water. S. Larraine sends her gratitude to the SC family. I assured her we are sending our prayers to the Navajo families she is serving.

Debbie Weber
Director, OPJCC