“Does the life of our Jesus animate
us? Do we indeed give Him the
true service of the heart without
which whatever else we give has
no value?”

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


“When so rich a
harvest is before
us why do we not 
gather it? All is in
our hands if we
but use it”

St. Elizabeth Seton


Proceed With Caution

After months of closure due to the pandemic, Sisters Peggy Deneweth, Carol Wirtz, Andrea Koverman and Romina Sapinoso are pleased to reopen the doors of Proyecto Santo Niño in Anapra, Mexico. Throughout the months of closure the Sisters made use of their time: staying in touch and holding English classes via Zoom, nearing completion of renovation projects, building classroom and lending libraries, providing financial assistance, and making plans for the future, but there was no substitute for being together.  

In September this close-knit community came back together with an even deeper appreciation for one another and for the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual gifts God blesses each with through the academic and neurological education programs, therapies, community prayer and support at Proyecto Santo Niño. This led to an additional day of services for the children with special needs and extending programming into the afternoons in order to provide assistance to the school-aged siblings struggling with the Mexican version of online schooling, as well as for a group of refugee children in the neighborhood who have no other access to instruction.

The entire community is doing their part to keep everyone safe and the doors open. As the number of cases began to rise again, precautions were taken to ensure thorough sanitization and safety. They have spread the schedule out and kept the children separated into small groups spaced out throughout the center; attendance has been limited to those most in need and doing essential work. New procedures are being taken with temperature checks, disinfecting and mask wearing the new normal. None of this, however, is dampening the joy of being back and the enthusiasm with which the children participate in their classes, lessons and therapies. The Sisters and families at Santo Niño continue to pray for an end to the danger of the virus and the day that they can return to full capacity and give hugs again instead of elbow bumps. In the meantime, they are counting their blessings and feeling very grateful for all the love and continued support that allows them to proceed with caution.

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