“Does the life of our Jesus animate
us? Do we indeed give Him the
true service of the heart without
which whatever else we give has
no value?”

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


“Take every day as a ring which
you must engrave, adorn, and
embellish with your actions,
to be offered up in the evening
at the altar of God.”

St. Elizabeth Seton

Ode to Seton Hall

In memory it will stand!
Though brick and mortar be gone
pieces of it live large:
Rooftop escapades
under cover of dark,
fireworks in season
From right and left –
not just sound but
sight: flash and booms
through three states,
and a river flowing past.
Who can forget!
So sorry, all you who missed it.
Now gone, never to be again
except in memories that last,
a remembered past.
We will not forget.
Adieu, good friend. Adieu.

Carol Leveque, SC


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