“Does the life of our Jesus animate
us? Do we indeed give Him the
true service of the heart without
which whatever else we give has
no value?”

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


“When so rich a
harvest is before
us why do we not 
gather it? All is in
our hands if we
but use it”

St. Elizabeth Seton


A Time of Need

In late October the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati received a request from S. Victoria Anyanwu regarding the desperate call for help in her village of Umunagbor, Nigeria, where the problem of hunger was escalating. She included examples of people she knows who are doing their best, but it is not enough: a group of retired teachers standing at the front of the Governor’s house five days a week from morning to evening asking for pension money and no one noticing them. A public taxi driver who has five children, two on weekly medication due to a birth defect, who pleaded to Sister, “I am sorry, do not be offended but I have no other option because I have been through hell. I need to ask you and your people a favor.” The needs go on and on.

S. Victoria reached out to Community members for help to save some of these people from hunger in this poor Nigerian village – and the Family of Charity responded with donations of money for food. With the help of CRS Nigeria, the congregation was able to get assistance to the people of the village where it is most needed. S. Victoria sent pictures and a thoughtful ‘thank you’ saying: “We cannot reward you but God in heaven must surely bless you. We will always keep you in our daily prayers – that’s all we can offer you.”    

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