“Does the life of our Jesus animate
us? Do we indeed give Him the
true service of the heart without
which whatever else we give has
no value?”

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


“When so rich a
harvest is before
us why do we not 
gather it? All is in
our hands if we
but use it”

St. Elizabeth Seton


Dreaming Big

On March 9, Sisters of Charity Peggy Deneweth, Andrea Koverman, Romina Sapinoso and Carol Wirtz hosted special visitors to Proyecto Santo Niño in Anapra, Mexico. Steve Fox became a friend and supporter of the Sisters and their work across the border more than 15 years ago. He and the late S. Janet Gildea had a special connection in part because of their shared experience with cancer. After she passed, Steve contacted the Sisters and said he wanted to do something special to honor S. Janet’s memory. Education has been presenting itself as a critical need for the community in Anapra, especially for the children with special needs. It was determined they would reconfigure the existing space to create two designated learning areas (classrooms) and a community room/kitchen that is hoped to serve as a learning hub in the future. 

Steve has since asked the Sisters to dream even bigger – and so they are! Steve connected them with Paseo Del Norte, a philanthropic foundation serving the El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico communities. On March 9, Steve, his daughter, Paige, and Mica Short, and Tracy Yellen, two representatives from Paseo del Norte, came for a site visit. Everyone was able to talk to the children and mothers served at Santo Niño, to see the renovations, and to observe the classrooms and therapy sessions in action. Says S. Andrea Koverman, “We were so happy to have Steve and Paige see firsthand all the good that has come from their generous support, and to introduce Mica and Tracy to our special little community. God knows what the future holds, but we will meet it together with a circle of wonderful friends!”

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