"The greater the work the more
important it is to establish it on
a solid foundation. Thus it will
not only be more perfect; it
will also be more lasting.”

St. Louise de Marillac

Daring to Risk a Caring Response: Reimagining the Future of the Sisters of Charity’s Sponsored Ministries

The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati have responded to emerging societal needs for nearly 200 years. We have founded hospitals, schools, orphanages and social service centers. As times and circumstances have changed, the Charity of Christ has urged us to evolve, refocus and embrace new missions that address the realities and emerging needs around us.

The Sisters have divested some of these ministries over the years while adding others as we sought to ensure our resources and energies were effectively directed to persons in need. As responsible women of the Church, the Sisters of Charity will now be transitioning our sponsorship roles for our remaining sponsored ministries.

Why? The Sisters of Charity are responding to changing congregational realities. As sponsors, Sisters have been called to serve in leadership positions on ministries’ boards to uphold advancement of the pastoral needs of the Church and world while overseeing certain transactions and matters related to governance, capital expenditures and other initiatives. With fewer Sisters available to serve in these critical leadership roles, we dare to risk a caring response as we walk with our sponsored ministries as they determine their new sponsorship paths.

How? The Sisters of Charity have been working closely with each sponsored ministry and will maintain thoughtful and diligent stewardship as each determines a path to the next generation of sponsorship. All ministries benefit from having proficient lay leadership in place and making decisions to enable them to thrive and remain relevant for generations to come. All ministries are financially independent of the Sisters of Charity and have strong financial standing.

With reputations for maintaining passionate, committed board members, these ministries have grown; this has been true with the Sisters of Charity in the background. Through the laity, the work of these ministries has flourished and will continue to change lives and witness to Gospel values. The sponsored ministries are well prepared to move forward while standing on the shoulders of the Sisters who came before them.

What’s next? The sponsorship transition and its timelines and processes will vary for each ministry. The Sisters of Charity will provide resources and expertise, walking with each ministry to consider new relationships going forward. All will continue to serve persons in need.

We have been embedded in these beloved ministries and helped them to grow and thrive for many years. While our governance and operational duties will eventually transition, our relationships with the ministries will endure. Their spiritual and moral values are clearly present and will remain strong as we celebrate their Catholic heritage and values. We’re excited to watch our legacy continue to flourish.

Sisters of Charity also are on a journey, seeking to deepen our engagement with persons whose basic needs are not being met. Congregation members already are active and engaged in dozens of programs and initiatives to support these critical needs both locally and throughout the country. Many of their stories can be found on the Sisters of Charity website. Read More.

The Spirit is at work, guiding transitions and responding to new needs. God still walks with us inviting us to encounter a loving presence, guiding us onto new paths. We value the past and anticipate the new that will come for the ministries and for the Sisters of Charity. 

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