"The greater the work the more
important it is to establish it on
a solid foundation. Thus it will
not only be more perfect; it
will also be more lasting.”

St. Louise de Marillac

A Day in the Life of S. Regina Kusnir

In celebration of Catholic Sisters Week, five Sisters of Charity gave us a glimpse into their extraordinary lives of charity. From serving children with special needs on the U.S./Mexico border to ministering to seniors at an assisted living facility in northern Ohio, our Sisters provide a loving, compassionate presence to all they encounter. The following article features a day in the life of S. Regina Kusnir.

Morning dawns with the sound of growing traffic beckoning me to start the day. Prayer is the sustenance for the multi-faceted intersections of life that I will encounter along the way.

Light of Hearts Villa is an assisted living facility filled with youngsters from ages 58 to 103. As director of pastoral and special ministries, there are wide-ranging, and often unpredictable, aspects that will call for attention from me. Helping to keep the mission before us, I work with our staff and lead them in mission in-service and award nominations. Interacting with benefactors, the health system, the public, and Board, I’m often asked to make presentations.

Creativity in arranging meaningful activities and liturgies is rooted in St. Vincent de Paul who said, “… be creative to infinity.” I especially enjoy Bible study with the residents whose insight and laughter lead to building community.

Social justice in action draws donations of food for needy local seniors through our Seton Safety Net. Special projects with our benefactors helps us to provide for others for whom basic items, like socks, are hard to get.

With the other five Sisters in the area we gather for community conversations, dinner, prayer and sharing. Simply supporting each other in living the charism lends to laughter abounding.

Prayer rounds out the day, as we three who live together gather after supper in our chapel for prayer and song. We pray for the world, our families and friends and for this prayer time our souls long for.

In the evenings and spare time, I enjoy nature and gardening, walking, stitchery, poetry writing, and, of course reading. At day’s end I express God’s goodness in a gratitude journal so I’ll be ready for tomorrow’s greeting. This is a life amazing and adventurous. Blessed beyond belief from that first, trusting, “Yes.”

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