"The greater the work the more
important it is to establish it on
a solid foundation. Thus it will
not only be more perfect; it
will also be more lasting.”

St. Louise de Marillac

By Jesus’ Cross We Are Healed

By S. Georgia Kitt

The cross is recognized as a symbol of the faith that we hold as Christians and of Christ himself. It carries the message of love and fulfilled promises. This past fall, in the midst of celebrating its 170 years, Good Samaritan Hospital’s chapel cross was returned home. Originally the cross was perched on top of the Good Samaritan Chapel of the Sacred Heart when the current hospital chapel was constructed in 1926. The chapel was designed to be the centerpiece of the hospital, extending the love of God and charism of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati through the ministry of health care. The original cross was intentionally placed at the top of the chapel to serve as an identifier of its location. In March 2019, the outdoor cross on the roof of the chapel was damaged during a strong storm. The Good Samaritan maintenance team, knowing its significance, removed the damaged cross from the roof, collected its shattered pieces, and stored it in the basement.

This past September 2022, in honor of the groundbreaking of the new hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital’s 170th anniversary, TriHealth team member Jason Cline redesigned and repurposed the cross for the fall dedication ceremonies. The photos included here show how the cross has been brought back. The plan is to place a brief written story in the lobby of the new Good Samaritan Hospital when it is completed to share the cross’s significance. As it awaits its final location, the cross will be making unannounced appearances at significant events hosted by the hospital throughout the coming months. It will serve as a wonderful win for all! Thank you to all the many persons who continue to contribute to the mission of health care at Good Samaritan Hospital.

In this Ordinary Time, the returned cross can serve as a reminder as to how the Risen Jesus’ suffering can help us reach out to others. This can surely provide us a source of grace as we help others’ suffering, individually and collectively, in our own neighborhoods and beyond. How fitting, in this health care setting, to be reminded once again of Jesus’ cross, his message of love and healing, in the founding spirit of the Sisters of Charity. May we continue to live into Jesus’ fulfilled promises and faithfully carry the cross.

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