“Is there any disposition in
the world like the happiness
of a disposition made happy
by the happiness of others?”

Mother Margaret George

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Vocation/Formation Corner

December 5, 2019

Advent is a time of expectant waiting. This liturgical season draws forth from us the virtues of patience and attentive listening. These are virtues which are also essential in a time of discernment. Like Mary who pondered the growing God-child within her, women and men in discernment gaze with curiosity at the growing desires in their hearts, wondering what these desires will give life to in due time. During this Advent season, I invite you to hold in prayer those who are discerning a call to religious life, especially women who are discerning a call to the Charity charism.

We pray: Creator, as we await the celebration of your Incarnation, we pray for those who are discerning how to be your hands and feet in our world today. Bless all those discerning a call to religious life with patience, holy curiosity, deep listening and clarity. Mary, as you nurtured the life growing within you, let us nurture those who are discerning their call and be faithful companions on their journey. We pray this in the name of the Divine Inviter who calls us all. Amen.

S. Annie Klapheke

Debunking Religious Life Myths

It’s National Vocation Awareness Week! Throughout the week the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati will be refuting myths about vocations to religious life.

Myth 1: No one is entering religious orders.

Myth 2: Most newer members are older or second-career candidates.

Myth 3: Traditional or conservative communities are the only communities attracting new members.

Myth 4: Entering religious life is a last resort.

Myth 5: New members would prefer to live alone.

S. Romina Sapinoso Professes First Vows

Sister of Charity of Cincinnati Romina Sapinoso pronunced First Vows during a ceremony September 22, 2018, in the Immaculate Conception Chapel at the Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse. READ MORE

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