“Is there any disposition in
the world like the happiness
of a disposition made happy
by the happiness of others?”

Mother Margaret George

Vocation News

Vocation/Formation Corner

January 16, 2020

The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati welcomed two new Associates in Colorado Springs on Jan. 5, 2020 in the chapel at Penrose Hospital. However, the absence of S. Rosalie Riggio was felt by all present with her recent passing on Christmas Day. Here is a small part of each of their discernment statements.

Agnes Patrick
“The Sisters of Charity were part of my life from the time I was a very young child. My father was devoted to their needs; he owned his own business so he was able to assist the Sisters in many ways. I attended Holy Trinity School in Trinidad, Colorado for 12 years. My recollection of the Sisters of Charity is they were always interested in our success and certainly taught with such ease and confidence, which passed down to me. The Sisters encouraged perfection and challenged us to be our best.

“It seems the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati were always in my life and when asked to join the Associates there was no hesitation on my part. … I know the Associates are working with the Sisters for the same goal to live the Gospel values.

I feel I have been blessed to be given this opportunity to support the work of the Sisters of Charity in any way I can. “I feel my life experiences as a mother of four, losing three adult children in their 30s and 40s has given me the strength and prayerful mind to understand people at any stage. I truly want to be an asset to the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and I will do anything it requires of me.”

Patti Traver
“Pat Grubelnik invited me to consider becoming an Associate of the Sisters of Charity, after becoming friends over the years and meeting every week at Sunday Mass at St. Joseph in Colorado Springs. It is easy to want to ‘do good’ and support local charities, but I think the Sisters provide a great resource in being able to actually connect with others to do good. I think my friendships with the local Associates have grown deeper over the past several months and lead me to want to continue to embrace the companionship of others dedicated to the mission of the Sisters.

“The local Associates, which I have been attending meetings with over the last year, are fortunate to support the only two remaining Sisters in Colorado Springs – Sisters Rosalie Riggio [recently deceased] and Roberta Westrick. I have become close to S. Rosalie, taking time to help with the cleaning of the vessels and setting up for the next Mass every Sunday at St. Joseph. We stay well after the Mass to talk and connect with each other. I truly enjoy the companionship of this group and hope that I can continue to grow and serve in any way that I can.

“I also believe that I can grow not only in friendship, but that joining this group clearly and directly supports the Sisters’ Vision Statement goals of embracing membership and ministry, learning, striving to build loving relationships and helping me grow spiritually. I truly want to share, learn and grow spiritually with the Sisters and Associates who provide a path to this end. I don’t believe I could attain these goals on my own without the support of such a focused group.

I have enjoyed and grown in faith and friendship with the local Sisters and Associates in the past year. I truly hope to continue the ‘journey together toward wholeness,’ as an Associate in the future and look forward to growing with others dedicated to ‘caring for all creation.’” Have you invited anyone to become an Associate lately?

Chanin Wilson, director of Associates

Debunking Religious Life Myths

It’s National Vocation Awareness Week! Throughout the week the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati will be refuting myths about vocations to religious life.

Myth 1: No one is entering religious orders.

Myth 2: Most newer members are older or second-career candidates.

Myth 3: Traditional or conservative communities are the only communities attracting new members.

Myth 4: Entering religious life is a last resort.

Myth 5: New members would prefer to live alone.

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Sister of Charity of Cincinnati Romina Sapinoso pronunced First Vows during a ceremony September 22, 2018, in the Immaculate Conception Chapel at the Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse. READ MORE

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