“To live according to the
spirit is to do what faith,
hope and love teaches
us, both in spiritual and
secular things.” 

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Associates in Volunteer Ministry

Associates in Volunteer Ministry embrace the values and vision of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati as they strive to meet the needs of the poor and oppressed by:

  • deepening their personal commitment to service while working with Sisters of Charity.
  • reflecting on their ministerial service in light of the Gospel.
  • sharing in the life and prayer of the Sisters and Associates.

Associates in Volunteer Ministry, during their time of service, participate in an Associate relationship with the Sisters of Charity and with other Associates.

Volunteers live a simple life style and minister with a Sister of Charity or Associate living out the motto “The Charity of Christ Urges Us!” Volunteers are invited to local Associate gatherings and Sisters of Charity community events. Each Volunteer has the opportunity to meet regularly with a Sister or Associate who will reflect with her/him on the Volunteer experience in the light of the Gospel and the Sisters of Charity mission and vision.

Volunteers serve full-time in a Sister of Charity ministry for a period of ten months or longer. The Volunteer receives a monthly stipend which is intended to cover housing, food and personal expenses in a simple lifestyle. At most sites housing is not available so housing arrangements are mutually agreed upon at the time of placement. Health insurance coverage is provided for the Volunteer during the time of service.

Requirements and Responsibilities

  • at least 20 years of age, single or married (no dependents)
  • good health: physical and psychological
  • completion of application process
  • interview
  • training and certification according to ministry conditions
  • Christian background and motivation
  • desire to be of service
  • willingness to work with the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
  • openness to prayer and faith sharing with Associates and Sisters
  • usually serves ten to twelve months

Benefits of becoming an Associate in Volunteer Ministry

  • expanded life perspective
  • experience of other cultures and geographical areas
  • personal fulfillment from service to others
  • spiritual growth through living and sharing gospel values
  • professional growth/experience
  • supportive community
  • small stipend for simple living

Process for Application and Placement of Associate in Volunteer Ministry

Associates in Volunteer Ministry are placed in Ministry situations where Sisters of Charity or Associates serve. The Director of Associate Programs handles all aspects of the Volunteer application and placement.

  1. Application and all related forms are received in the Associate Office:
    • Application Form
    • Mental Health Form
    • Education Transcripts
    • Background Check
    • Medical Form
    • Five Reference Forms Director acknowledges receipt within two weeks.
  2. A copy of the Applicant’s file is sent to potential Ministry Site supervisor for review.
  3. Applicant may be asked to participate in a Behavior Assessment usually given by a Sister of Charity trained in this assessment.
  4. The Director and one or more members of the Volunteer in Ministry Advisory Committee interview the applicant.
  5. The applicant visits the proposed site and is interviewed by the site supervisor.
  6. After discussion with interviewers, check of references and verification of other information needed, the Director makes the final decision on acceptance of the applicant into the Program.
  7. The applicant is notified of the decision by letter.
  8. If accepted into the program, definite arrangements are made with the Site, a Contact Sister or Associate and for housing, stipend and insurance by the Director.
  9. Arrangements are made for Orientation and reception as an Associate in Volunteer Ministry.

Contact the Director of Associates

To receive an application or for more information about becoming an Associate in Volunteer Ministry, contact the Chanin Wilson, director of Associates at 513-347-5473 or at chanin.wilson@srcharitycinti.org