“God demands
first of all heart,
and then the work.”

St. Vincent de Paul



Sister Elise Fund Grant

These small grants are requested by a Sister of Charity who is actively involved in the nonprofit organization as a board or committee member, staff member or regular volunteer. Awards are up to $2,000 per Sister per year and may be awarded for specific elements of program support, minor equipment and technology, or other needs.

New this year, eligible organizations may also qualify for Sister Elise grants if they were either founded by a Sister of Charity, or at one time had a Sister of Charity as an employee, volunteer or board member.

Apply any time.


Sister Elise Halleran, SC

Sister Elise Halloran, SC

Sister Elise Halloran, SC

The grant was named in honor of Sister Elise Halloran, SC, who served as treasurer for the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati from 1944 to 1965. Sister Elise was widely known for her financial acumen and stewardship of investments, as well as her strong faith, kindness, perseverance, care for those in poverty, and her support of Catholic education.



The organization must:

  • Be a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. 
  • Demonstrate prudent and fiscally responsible governance and management.
  • Verify that the grant request is consistent with the mission of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and the operational and strategic goals of the nonprofit organization.



All SC Ministry Foundation funding limitations apply to the Sister Elise Grant Fund.

Requests for funding from SC Ministry Foundation are usually not considered for the following:
  • Major capital expenditures such as construction, acquisition or renovation of facilities, equipment or major technology.
  • Operational deficits or debt reduction.
  • Grants to individuals, endowments or scholarships.
  • Projects where the Foundation would be the principal source of support.
  • Programs within units of government or government agencies.
  • Programs in public schools including colleges and universities.
  • Annual appeals, membership drives, fundraising campaigns or fundraising events.
  • Partisan political advocacy or for lobbying purposes.
  • Programs or projects that result in duplication of services.
  • Projects or programs that fall outside the ethical and religious directives of the Catholic Church.


You Need to Know:

  • If awarded to the nonprofit organization, grant funds must be used for the specific request identified in the Sister Elise Grant Fund application.
  • The authority and accountability for all requests to the Sister Elise Grant Fund rests with the nonprofit’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  • Supplies or minor equipment funded through the request become the property of the nonprofit organization.
  • The Sister Elise Grant may not be used to fund a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati’s salary or benefits.
  • Due to our fiduciary and stewardship responsibility, SC Ministry Foundation reserves the right to approve or decline all requests.
  • Upon conclusion of the grant, the organization is required to contact the Sister of Charity who supported the grant to describe the results of the project and usage of the funds.


How to Request Funding from the Sister Elise Grant Fund

Sister Elise Grant requests may be submitted at any time throughout the year. Evaluation and processing of each request requires a minimum of 30 business days.

Annual Grant Amount Parameters

  • A Sister involved with multiple organizations may not exceed requests totaling $2,000 annually. (*Annual is defined by the fiscal year of SC Ministry Foundation: July 1 to June 30.)
  • The minimum grant amount is $1,000.
  • If eligible, a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati may participate in one or more requests for a Sister Elise Grant.
  • More than one Sister may support a single project. 


Application Process

1. The Sister of Charity of Cincinnati reviews the Sister Elise Grant Guidelines on the SC Ministry Foundation website.

2. Through dialogue between the Sister and the CEO of the nonprofit organization, the need for funding is identified and the potential amount for the request is discussed.

3. The Sister of Charity of Cincinnati determines the amount for the grant request, taking into consideration any additional grant requests she may have for other nonprofit organizations.

4. The Sister of Charity of Cincinnati completes Part 1 of the application.

The following options are available for the download and completion of the Sister Elise Grant application:

Please note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader, available through a free download here.

5. The nonprofit CEO completes Part 2 of the application, and submits the completed form, along with the organization’s IRS 501(c)3 Determination Letter, to:

SC Ministry Foundation
Attn: Sister Elise Grant
5900 Delhi Road
Mount St. Joseph, OH  45051

Email: SEG@srcharitycinti.org

6. Evaluation

Upon conclusion of the grant, the nonprofit organization is required to contact the initiating Sister of Charity to describe the results of the funded project and the usage of the funds.

Please contact the SC Ministry Foundation at 513-347-1122 for any questions regarding the Sister Elise Grant Fund.


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