“We have to make
our occupations holy.
We do this by seeking
God in them.”

St. Vincent de Paul



Spirituality Center Retreats and Programs

Most people who desire to make a retreat want to step aside from the busy life they lead and spend some time looking within, looking at their relationship with God, and what is happening in their lives. All adults are welcome to participate in our retreats regardless of religious affiliation, vocation or gender. Call the Spirituality Center director, S. Marty Dermody, SC, at 513-347-5453 for assistance.

There are other Sisters of Charity spiritual directors available for directed retreats at the scheduled retreat times. Both the conference and directed retreats can be made for a shorter number of days if so desired. If choosing a director for a directed retreat other than those listed in this brochure, contact the Sister to make sure she is available during your requested days before sending in your registration. If you would like assistance in identifying other directors, call 513-347-5453 for information or email us at spirituality.center@srcharitycinti.org.

All retreatants must send proof of vaccination. Please make sure you bring a mask in case they are required.

Introduction to the Enneagram

The Enneagram, originating in the Sufi spiritual tradition, describes nine personality types. Each of these nine types perceives life differently, has different habitual mental patterns, and makes choices out of the perception. The enneagram provides helpful self-knowledge and understanding of others, and may lead to growth in spiritual freedom.

Date: Saturday, Sept. 10, 2022
Time: Registration: 8:45 a.m.; Workshop: 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Fee: $25; $15 for Sisters of Charity
Presenter: Donna Steffen, SC
Location: Sisters of Charity Motherhouse, 5900 Delhi Road, Mount St. Joseph, OH 45051

Donna Steffen, SC is a spiritual director and retreat leader. She directs retreats at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford and is on the staff for the Internship in Spiritual Direction. She trained as a certified enneagram teacher through the Helen Palmer School of Studies, called The Narrative Tradition.

You must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend.

SoulCollage© As Prayer: Cutting and Pasting Our Way to God

There are many different ways of praying. Prayer itself is a mysterious, sacred, universal and powerful impulse of the soul, compelled to reach for what is lovingly much larger than itself. We pray to find comfort, seek guidance, intercession on behalf of others, express joy and gratitude, or simply become one with the divine. Some people pray through song, dance or music. Some people pray but do not know they do. Some seek to ‘center’ and empty their mind of distractions. Some send prayers to a beloved Father/God or Mother/Goddess. Some re-lease their heart longings into the void. Some don’t know where their prayers might go, but they pray anyway. Some read from scriptures, some write their own prayers, Some walk in nature and listen. In this workshop we will come into God’s presence and pray in a unique way by creating SoulCollage© cards that speak to our soul. We will use this visual prayer as a way to listen and reflect on how the Divine is present and active in our lives.

SoulCollage© is a relaxed, intuitive, and creative process. It is also a spirit-ual practice that helps us know ourselves and grow into the person God has created us to be. It is one of many wonderful tools available to us to address the question, “Who am I and what am I doing on this earth?”

DATE: Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022
TIME: Registration: 8:45 a.m.; Workshop: 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
FEE: $75; $60 for Sisters of Charity
PRESENTER: Mooydeen Frees
LOCATION: Sisters of Charity Motherhouse, 5900 Delhi Road, Mount St. Joseph, OH 45051
You must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend. REGISTER HERE.

Mooydeen Frees is a retired deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. She is a registered nurse and has masters’ degrees in Training, Education and Development and Pastoral Counseling. She holds a certificate in Spiritual Direction from The Haden Institute in Hendersonville, North Carolina and is a trained SoulCollage© facilitator.

Mooydeen became intrigued with SoulCollage© when she first encountered it. As a unique tool for personal and spiritual growth, she is energized by what it has added to her personal journey as well as her spiritual direction and retreat practices.

Centering Prayer

If you feel called to a contemplative way of praying, and if you would like mutual, ongoing support and learning about it, a Centering Prayer group may be for you.

Leaders: Liz Maxwell & Joyce Richter, SC
Location: Prayer Room; SC Motherhouse
Time: 10-11 a.m.
Fee: free; no registration required

Leaders: Liz Maxwell & Joyce Richter, SC
Location: Prayer Room; SC Motherhouse
Time: 4-5 p.m.
Fee: free; no registration required


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