“God is greatly honored by
the time taken in considering
all these matters that concern
His service.”

St. Vincent de Paul


Tending Your Soul

“Every moment and every event of every man and woman’s life
on earth plants something in the soul.”
Thomas Merton

“Soul tending” is the practice of being attentive, awake, alert and sensitive to the promptings of the inner wisdom guide – the soul. What might one hear? The gifts of the soul are limitless but could manifest in some of the following: insight about gifts or limits; an impulse to reach out, volunteer, forgive, accept forgiveness; a sense of love, peace, joy, insight or understanding – and so much more!

This section is an invitation for you to participate in a new event we are calling “Tending Your Soul.” In an effort to bring balance to our data-driven culture, we will offer personal stories (video and written) describing experiences of “soul-full” blessings.

Soul-Full Blessings