“Charity is certainly
greater than any rule.
Moreover, all rules
must lead to charity.”

St. Vincent de Paul


Earth Justice Circle

Climate Change

Protecting Land

Renewable Energy


We affirm our Sisters of Charity Vision Statement to choose to live simply in a complex world committed to the healing of our global home. We believe that God continues to create the universe in the present moment and calls us to be life-giving and creative participants in the ongoing life on Earth. We believe Earth is our teacher. We believe in safeguarding Earth’s regenerative capabilities. We are called in humility to reverence the beauty and gifts of Earth, in simplicity to recognize our kinship with Earth, and in charity to sustainably protect and restore the integrity of Earth’s ecological systems. Allowing loving trust to shape all of our relationships, we dare to risk a caring response.

  • Contact S. CJ Willie (cjwillie@srcharitycinti.org) for more information about joining this circle.
  • Find out more about the Laudato Si’ Action Platform here.
  • Check out more information on climate change and related issues here.




EarthConnection, a ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, is a center for learning and reflection about living lightly on Earth. Aware of the interconnectedness of all of Creation, we seek to integrate spirituality and sustainability through programs in sustainable agriculture, alternative energies, ecojustice and ecospirituality. Learn More arbout EarthConnection by visiting their website.




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