“We must love our neighbor
as being made in the image
of God and as an object of
His love.”

St. Vincent de Paul


United Nations NGO Impact Justice Circle


Our Justice Circle:

  • Seeks to connect the global work of the United Nations to our diverse local contexts.
  • Engages in grassroots conversations with the Sisters of Charity Federation Representative at the United Nations, Dr. Jimmy Walters, who shares about his work on the global stage.
  • Dialogues about our local contexts and how they can help or connect to Jimmy’s work at the UN.
  • Focuses on various topics based on what Jimmy is working on, but they all focus on some aspect of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Find out more about UN’s Goals here. 

Join Us!

  • Our Circle is open to all members of the Sisters of Charity Federation.
  • We meet every 6 weeks on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. ET on Zoom.
  • Contact Mackenzie Doyle (mackenzie.doyle@srcharitycinti.org) or S. Marge Kloos (marge.kloos@srcharitycinti.org) if interested in joining this circle.
  • Dates for 2024: Jan. 9, Feb. 20, April 2, May 14, June 25, Aug. 6, Sept. 17, Oct. 29 and Dec. 10

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