“Charity is the cement
which binds communities
to God and persons to
one another.”

St. Vincent de Paul


La Casa del Sol Ministry Center

5820 Bender Road
Cincinnati, OH 45233

La Casa del Sol Ministry Center is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati located in Delhi, Ohio. The Center offers area nonprofit organizations gathering spaces free of charge to use for meetings, programs and events. The Center reflects the Sisters of Charity’s congregational commitment to care for the integrity of creation by employing state-of-the-art sustainability technologies throughout.

La Casa del Sol’s two gathering spaces are available free of charge to nonprofit organizations in southwest Ohio, southeast Indiana, and northern Kentucky whose missions align with the mission of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Please direct inquiries about the spaces and their availability to the Sisters of Charity Office of Hospitality at 513-347-5346.

Common and Gathering Spaces

The Center is a two-story, ADA accessible building with adjacent parking for 56 cars and a convenient canopied drop-off area. Two gathering spaces are available. The Persimmon Room, the larger of the Center’s two gathering spaces, is located on the first floor adjacent to a comfortable lobby, ADA restrooms and a small kitchen. The Gonzalez Room, located on the ground floor, is accessed directly from the lower parking area or by stairs from the first floor. The Gonzalez Room is adjacent to an outdoor patio area with seating. Additional restroom facilities are available on the ground floor.

The Persimmon Room

The Persimmon Room is 1,715 square feet and has a maximum capacity of 118 individuals. The room can be set up theater style or with tables and chairs arranged to meet your group’s needs.  The room is equipped with a 100-inch HD screen and easy-to-use audiovisual equipment and surround sound audio system.


  • Laptop with Windows 10, Office 2016 and USB ports.
  • Digital AV control panel on the podium at the front of room.
  • Surround sound system with choice of wireless hand-held, lavalier and over-the-ear microphones.
  • ADA accessible doors


The Gonzalez Room

The Gonzalez Room is a cozier space at 1,152 square feet comfortably seating 20 persons around tables and chairs. The tables can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your needs.


  • Laptop with Windows 10, Office 2016 and USB ports.
  • Video cart with 50-inch display.


Commitment to Care for Creation

The 9,555 square-foot Center is a state-of-the-art facility employing both active and passive technologies to achieve net zero energy consumption. The building is highly insulated to exceed building energy code requirements using mineral wool insulation in interior walls; closed-cell spray foam insulation in ceilings and exterior walls; and extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation placed on the outside of foundation walls and under concrete slab.

The south-facing curtain wall and large windows throughout the building maximize natural light while low-emissivity (Low-E) glass reduces heat transmission and UV rays. The brick exterior offers a resilient and low-maintenance cladding with fire-resistance and soundproofing benefits. The breathable material helps prevent moisture issues and the thermal mass helps reduce peak heating and cooling loads.

The building’s standing seam metal roof utilizes recyclable materials, reduces heat absorption, and offers durability and longevity. Roof-mounted solar array provides a renewable source of electricity. One-hundred and nine (109) panels producing up to 410 watts each make up a total system size of 44.7 kW DC. A closed loop geothermal system provides renewable heating and cooling from 12 vertical wells dug to a depth of 250 feet that are divided into four interior zones for flexible use.