“We must love our neighbor
as being made in the image
of God and as an object of
His love.”

St. Vincent de Paul


Spirituality Center Retreats and Programs

Most people who desire to make a retreat want to step aside from the busy life they lead and spend some time looking within, looking at their relationship with God, and what is happening in their lives. All adults are welcome to participate in our retreats regardless of religious affiliation, vocation or gender. Call the Spirituality Center director, S. Marty Dermody, SC, at 513-347-5453 for assistance.

There are other Sisters of Charity spiritual directors available for directed retreats at the scheduled retreat times. Both the conference and directed retreats can be made for a shorter number of days if so desired. If choosing a director for a directed retreat other than those listed in this brochure, contact the Sister to make sure she is available during your requested days before sending in your registration. If you would like assistance in identifying other directors, call 513-347-5453 for information or email us at spirituality.center@srcharitycinti.org.

Making Room

Is your life an accurate reflection of what you believe to be most important—or do you struggle to bridge your ideals with your reality?

Most of us fall short of fully living out our values, especially if they are countercultural ones like simplicity and soulfulness. In his book, Making Room, Kyle Kramer writes not only as an eco-spiritual expert but also as a fellow pilgrim on the journey toward simplicity, which he defines as the choices that create the freedom to honor our own deepest needs, the concentric circles of human relationships, and God’s gifts of the natural world. Kramer explains why living simply can give you true satisfaction; how simplicity benefits you, the poor, and the earth; and tangible ways to begin living more simply in specific areas of:

  • Work
  • Finances
  • Play
  • Relationships
  • Food and more

Kyle Kramer is the Executive Director of the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center. He serves as a Catholic Climate Ambassador for the USCCB-sponsored Catholic Climate Covenant. Kyle has written for America magazine, is a current columnist for Franciscan Media, and has authored several books.

Presenter: Kyle Kramer
Dates: Friday, March 8-Saturday, March 9, 2024
Cedars, SC Motherhouse
Cost: $100

Please register by calling the Spirituality Center at  513-347-5449 or email spirituality.center@srcharitycinti.org.

Using SoulCollage® to Find Sanctuary During Lent

This retreat day is an invitation to reflect, converse and pray about where and how we can find sanctuary in our busy lives. What creates sanctuary for each of us? Where do you find sanctuary? Where do you long for it? Often sanctuary is identified as a physical space. Sanctuary can also be found in the company of kindred people and groups where we find acceptance and hospitality. We will use images from magazines and other publications to make collages and ponder where and with whom we find sanctuary. Hopefully, we will identify some threads of connection and community that will sustain us on our journey.

Facilitator: Mooydeen Frees
Dates: Saturday, March 16, 2024
Time: 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
Location: Sisters of Charity Spirituality Center
Cost: $75
Register here!

Mooydeen Frees is a retired deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. She is a registered nurse and has masters’ degrees in Training, Education and Development and Pastoral Counseling. She holds a certificate in Spiritual Direction from The Haden Institute in Hendersonville, North Carolina and is a trained SoulCollage® facilitator. Mooydeen became intrigued with SoulCollage® when she first encountered it. As a unique tool for personal and spiritual growth, she is energized by what it has added to her personal journey as well as her spiritual direction and retreat practices.

The Silence You Are

So often we are invited to be silent, but our time together we will move toward the truth that “We Are Silence.” The inner journey of this retreat touches the stillness of your own depths, the place where you meet the Silence You Are.

Presenter: Jan Novotka and Marie Larkin
Dates: Sunday, June 9, 4 p.m.-Saturday, June 15, 12 p.m.
Location: Cedars; SC Motherhouse
Fee: $525; $125 deposit applied to total fee
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Jan Novotka is an internationally known retreat facilitator and song writer sought out for her gift of creating a more contemplative approach for assemblies, congregational chapters, and other spiritual and/or Earth-focused gatherings.

Marie Larkin is certified as a spiritual director and has taught “Art & Spirituality” for The Institute for Contemporary Spirituality in Scranton, PA. Until recently she served as the director of the Catherine McAuley House, a shelter for homeless women and children in Plymouth, PA.  

Embracing the Sacred Pauses

We live in a frenetic world. There are so many concerns… personally, communally, ecclesiastically, and politically. It some-times feels overwhelming. Retreat is an opportunity to stop, breathe and embrace the sacred pause. As we embrace the sacred, we can experience the sacred embracing us.

Joye Gros, OP is a Dominican Sister of Peace. She has ministered as a teacher, DRE, Pastoral Associate, Congregational Leader and Novice Director. Currently she serves as a facilitator, consultant, and mentor for future formators and persons in leadership. Her ministry focuses on adult formation, leadership development and spirituality.

Facilitator: Joye Gros, OP   
Dates: Sunday, Aug. 18, 4 p.m.-Saturday, Aug. 24, 12 p.m.
Location: Cedars; SC Motherhouse
Fee: $525; $125 deposit applied to total fee
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Centering Prayer

If you feel called to a contemplative way of praying, and if you would like mutual, ongoing support and learning about it, a Centering Prayer group may be for you.

Leaders: Liz Maxwell & Joyce Richter, SC
Location: Prayer Room; SC Motherhouse
Time: 10-11 a.m.
Fee: free; no registration required

Leaders: Liz Maxwell & Joyce Richter, SC
Location: Prayer Room; SC Motherhouse
Time: 4-5 p.m.
Fee: free; no registration required


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