“Human industry is
of no avail unless
God is intimately
united with it.”

St. Vincent de Paul


Sponsored Ministries

The Sisters of Charity sponsor institutions to address education, health care and social service needs, with particular concern for direct service to the poor. The following organizations are sponsored by our Congregation.


DePaul Cristo Rey High School

Mount St. Joseph University

St. Joseph Home

Seton High School

Corporation Board for Sponsored Ministries

Corporation Board for Sponsored Ministries

The Corporation Board for Sponsored Ministries (CBSM) of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati was established in 1995. CBSM stays attuned to the purpose for the Congregation involvement in sponsorship. The Sisters of Charity Constitutions states: As a Congregation we sponsor institutions which further our mission and give witness to Gospel values. The decision to sponsor an institution is influenced also by our knowledge of social needs and trends and the availability of our resources. (Constitutions, Page 9).

A Sister of Charity serves as liaison between each sponsored ministry and the CBSM. In carrying out their responsibilities – from sponsorship-related issues to mission promotion to budgets and annual meetings – CBSM helps to serve unmet needs through the focus of the five sponsored ministries.These ministries offer resources for empowering deserving groups. Requests for assistance in meeting needs and/or fulfilling desired outcomes are encouraged to seek support from a ministry described below. The Sisters of Charity desire and believe in the availability of these resources to empower groups.


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National Catholic Schools Week (CSW) is an annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States.

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