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Feature Articles

Sister To All
The Communications Office has launched “A Sister to All” in 2017! Using profiles of featured Sisters, the campaign honors the lives and ministries of our SCs. Click on an image below to learn about a Sister and ministry.

S. Juana Mendez, SC

S. Carol Wirtz, SC

S. Teresa Laengle, SC

S. Nancy Crafton, SC

S. Victoria Anyanwu, SC

S. Tricia Cruise, SC

S.Delia Sizler, SC

S. Jackie Kowaslki, SC

S. Patricia Wittberg, SC

S. Marie Pauline Skalski, SC

S. Pat Dittmeier, SC

S. Annette Muckerheide, SC

Continuing to Serve

Many Sisters of Charity after reaching retirement age either continue their full-time ministry, or they immerse themselves in multiple volunteer ministries. This series highlights a few of the many Sisters of Charity continuing to serve. Click on the picture or name below to learn more about the Sisters.

S. Mary Jo Gasdorf

S. Mary Fran Boyle

S. Dorothy Englert

S. Helen Berson
S. Christine Rody
S. Mary Alicia Bomya

S. Diana Durling

S. Jean Miller
S. Mary Barbara Philippart

S. Rosemarie Gerrety

S. Marie Irene Schneider

S. Carol Leveque

S. Rita Hawk

S. Jo Ann Martini

S. Patrice Vales

S. Nancy Bramlage

S. Noreen Ellison

S. Mary Alice Stein

S. Mary Ann Flannery

S. Patmarie Bernard

S. Katrinka Gunn

Ripples: DePaul Cristo Rey High School

The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati’s vision of DePaul Cristo Rey High School will come full circle this year as members of its first graduating class complete college. READ MORE

Founding Connections: Elizabeth Seton’s Relationship to Alexander Hamilton

Of late Alexander Hamilton has become a celebrated folk hero due to the popularity of the smash Broadway hit, “Hamilton.” Few realize that Sisters of Charity founder Elizabeth Bayley Seton had a close connection to this founding father of our nation. READ MORE

National Catholic Sisters Week
March 8-14, 2019

Day of Prayer for Legal Protection of the Unborn

National Catholic Sisters Week (NCSW), the sixth annual celebration of women religious, will take place March 8-14, 2019, in tandem with National Women’s History Month. The week is intended to honor the nation’s 45,000 Catholic Sisters and all who have gone before – founders of schools and hospitals, artists and activists, leaders and spiritual guides for all walks of life. READ MORE

Ripples– Sisters of Charity Sponsored Ministry Bayley
Many think of retirement villages or nursing homes as the last chapter in their lives, but for the Wanninger family Bayley has been a place to call home. READ MORE

The Prayer House: Faithful, Therapeutic and Consolidating
Against the backdrop of the Visitation House in West Price Hill a modest sign that indicates a place in the community where people can unite for the same purpose: to deliver their prayer requests. READ MORE

Inspiring Youth: A Legacy of Humor and Service
S. Cookie Crowley’s great-nephew Noah Kaffenberger proves that not only is her legacy of humor intact, but the legacy of the Sisters of Charity’s mission is in good hands for future generations. READ MORE

Ripples – St. Joseph Home
Facing and meeting the needs of the most vulnerable for 145 years, St. Joseph Home, a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Charity, offers a loving community to medically fragile children and adults. READ MORE

Let There Be Light: The Move to Cleaner Energy
Encouraged by the Sisters of Charity and motivated by their mission, the Sisters of Charity maintenance staff has engaged in a great undertaking: replacing every light bulb and fixture on the campus of the Motherhouse to LED lights to reduce the amount of energy used. READ MORE

Healing Body and Spirit: Sister Montiel Rosenthal and Mother Margaret George
On the 150th anniversary of Mother Margaret George’s death, the Sisters of Charity celebrate the life and works of their founding member by highlighting the ministries of S. Montiel Rosenthal. READ MORE

A Journey of the Heart
Sisters Florence Cremering and Ann Dorenbusch shared the journey together in life and ministry for nearly 40 years. READ MORE

Memories From Fairfield Glade
Settled in the lush green city of Fairfield Glade, Tennessee, was a townhouse owned by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Read more about this home away from home and the many treasured memories Sisters have shared.

Memories from Lake Lorelei
As we prepare to say goodbye to summer, Sisters of Charity reflect on their fond memories of days spent on Lake Lorelei in Brown County, Ohio. READ MORE.

Uncovering History in the Archives
Among the common finds, there are always special treasures to be uncovered and shared in the Sisters of Charity Archives. Recently, quite the unexpected find was donated. READ MORE

Loving Our Neighbors
S. Barbara Busch is sharing the journey with community members in Cincinnati’s low to moderate neighborhoods at Working in Neighborhoods (WIN), an organization dedicated to empowering neighborhood leaders to speak for themselves by organizing and negotiating for positive change at the local, state and national levels. READ MORE

Memories From Pymatuning
Former Vincentian Sisters of Charity take a look back at the fond memories they share of the community’s retreat home near Pymatuning Lake in northern Ohio. READ MORE

Bidding Farewell to Dayton’s Good Samaritan Hospital
For more than 85 years, many Sisters of Charity made their mark on Dayton’s Good Samaritan Hospital through their service and expertise. Even though the hospital officially closed in July, we cannot forget all that has been done to better the Dayton community and the many memories the Sisters have made through their various ministries. READ MORE

Memories from the Cascade Cabins
Sisters of Charity recall fond memories from stays in the cabins outside of Manitou Springs, Colorado. Learn more.

The Bruin Movement Project
Sisters of Charity sponsored ministry DePaul Cristo Rey High School’s semester-long project challenges and inspires freshman students to make a difference. READ MORE

A Curbside Caper
This month the original grave marker for S. Mary Oswald O’Connell was returned to the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati after being rescued by the Clermont County Sheriff’s Department. READ MORE

Flag of Honor Gifted to Delhi Township
A very special Flag of Honor is now on display at the Delhi Township Administration Building, thanks to the generosity of S. Rosaleen Simpleman. READ MORE

The Love of Chirst Urges Us
The motto of the Sisters of Charity, “The love of Christ urges us,” was embodied in their selfless ministry during the Civil War. The Sisters ministries were never confined solely to one work. Their goal was to go where needed. One such need was Cumberland, Maryland. READ MORE

Justice in Action
Sisters of Charity sponsored ministry, DePaul Cristo Rey High School, was spotlighted on ABC Nightline this week for students involvement in the effort to advocate for the freedom of Tyra Patterson. Read more about Tyra’s connection to the Sisters of Charity and the late S. Ruth Kuhn.

A School in Kwapia: Envisioning a Future through Education
Recently S. Caroljean Willie and Sister of Charity Associate Father John Amankwah traveled to Ghana in anticipation of building a school in Kwapia. READ MORE

A Culture of Encounter
The Share the Journey campaign encourages “a culture of encounter.” By telling migrants’ stories, we lay the foundation for greater empathy. S. Tracy Kemme is sharing the journey as the bilingual pastoral minister at Holy Family parish in Price Hill (Cincinnati). READ MORE

We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe
At this time 10 years ago the SC Congregation was in the throes of living the mystery of life and death, experiencing the deaths of 13 members of the Family of Charity. READ MORE

9 Items from the S. Blandina Segale Parlor
On the second floor of the Motherhouse resides a small parlor dedicated to Servant of God S. Blandina Segale. These 9 items from the S. Blandina Segale Parlor chronicle her legacy. READ MORE

An Unexpected Ministry
From hives to honey production, Sister of Charity of Cincinnati Helen Therese Scasny found an unlikely ministry in beekeeping five years ago, and says she continues to learn from these “guardians of the environment” every day. READ MORE

9 Windows in Mother Margaret Hall Chapel
The Holy Spirit Chapel in Mother Margaret Hall nursing facility features a collection of beautiful stained glass windows designed and executed by Emil Frei. READ MORE

Healthy Moms and Babes: Bringing Care and Education to Pregnant Women in Need
Sister of Charity Tricia Cruise spearheads the organization that works to ensure women and children have the needed services to survive and thrive. READ MORE

More Statues on the Motherhouse Grounds
Earlier this summer, we looked at nine places to visit on the SC Motherhouse grounds, among them several statues. Because there is a great number of other fascinating statues around the campus’ peaceful 75 acres, here are nine more statues of note on the Motherhouse grounds. READ MORE

The Scrapbooks of Mother Margaret George
Mother Margaret George, the founding mother of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, placed great value on preserving history. She kept chronicles and journals, priceless records documenting the early history of the Sisters of Charity. Our Archives holds three “scrapbooks” Mother Margaret compiled between the early 1840s and her death in 1868. READ MORE

SC Women in History:


The following magazines were produced in 2018. Intercom, the quarterly magazine of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, is available for purchase. To learn more about a subscription to the publication, contact Erin Reder at erin.reder@srcharitycinti.org or (513) 347-5447.

Vol. I, 2018

Volume II, 2018
Annual Report 2018 Volume III, 2018

Food for the Soul

The Sisters of Charity Art Collection contains some beautiful reproductions of Renaissance masters’ oil paintings. Some of these paintings are hung in locations not frequented by many. In an effort to make this art more assessable, the Communications Office and the Archives began a program in September of displaying one of these paintings in the Motherhouse Dining Room. Accompanying the painting is an account of how it came to be in the art collection, a brief history of the painting, and of the artist and his style.